Fathers Around the World at

Jun 16, 2017

Every day around the world, people come to the platform either as fathers fighting to improve the lives of their children and communities, or as people committed to making sure fathers have the same benefits extended to mothers as they work to address the needs of their families. Father’s Day is a great time to highlight some of the policies and petitions that have been launched to honor the world’s fathers.

At, generous paid parental leave is extended equally to fathers as well as mothers. That has allowed us to support the new fathers who are part of our staff to have the time they need with their newborns. That includes Senior Campaigner Pulin Modi, who was featured in a Market Watch story earlier this year highlighting how our rare 18-week parental leave policy is helpful to new dads like himself and User Contribution Lead Nicolas Danet, who was instrumental in a victory to reaffirm the right for women like his partner Sophie to breastfeed in police stations in France while he was on parental leave.

Other fathers like Matt are using the platform to try and get companies like Starbucks to offer parental leave to dads. The Dad Club of London has been campaigning for family friendly businesses to put diaper-changing tables in men’s bathrooms. Abra Shaw of Edmonton, Canada, is campaigning for fathers’ rights throughout the country.

There are inspiring, brave stories of fathers who are seeking to make changes that honor their children.

Anthony Pasquale has been campaigning for four years for the New Jersey Legislature to adopt legislation named for his 12-year-old daughter Autumn, who was brutally murdered by minors — one of whom was recently arrested again. The goal of Autumn’s Law is for parents who see and ignore warning signs in their children that can be fatal to others will be held legally responsible for their children’s crimes.

And then there are fathers like Bryan, who with his daughter, Sydney, continues to call on the Boy Scouts of America to change its policy and allow girls to join the Boy Scouts to obtain Eagle rank.Each of these campaigns is a reminder of the power of one person to inspire others to join with them to make change.

Happy Fathers Day, from our family to yours.