5 Reasons to Have Hope in Humanity

Apr 11, 2016

The news is often full of discouraging headlines. But regardless of current events, the petition starters we meet and the stories we read on give our team hope.

Here are our staff’s top five reasons you, too, should have hope in humanity.

1. A teenager with Down syndrome is allowed to compete in MMA

“This petition started by a young man with Down syndrome gives me hope that we are moving towards a world in which differently abled people have the freedom to fulfill their passions without restraint.”  – Kendra, email ninja


2. African lions gain protection under the Endangered Species Act

“My son absolutely adores lions and this petition gives me hope because it might mean that these amazing animals will still be around when my son grows up.”  – Jonathan, marketer (and proud dad)

3. United Health Care grants a life-saving transfer to another state

“This petition to help a woman gain access to life-saving health care proves that even when the odds are stacked against us, we can still fight back and win.”  – Adam, strategist

4. A 14-year-old forced into child marriage becomes an advocate

“This petition was started by a young woman named Aberash who was forced into marriage at age 14, and after escaping has become an advocate to end child marriage in her home country of Ethiopia and around the world.”  – Kelly, lead campaigner

5. Congress guarantees health care coverage for 9/11 responders

“One of the most inspiring petitions asked Congress to guarantee health care coverage for first responders at Ground Zero on 9/11. With two sisters currently serving this country, I loved seeing people come together to support the long-term well-being of these 33,000 amazing individuals.”  – Katie, partner manager and community volunteer


Want to bring a little hope to the world?