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Allow copy/paste on your site

    1. Kyle VanderBeek
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      Kyle VanderBeek

      San Francisco, United States

febbraio 2014


Kyle VanderBeek: has quietly changed functionality on their site to allow for copying text! It is now possible to easily excerpt and cite Snopes as a source for academic and other reasons. Their functionality does magically add a referencing URL to the copied text, but that's a small price to pay for finally being able to spread the great content on!

I love It is an incredible and useful resource that I refer to on a weekly basis. The information curated there has helped me quell worries about computer viruses, divert friends from scams, and generally debunk the ugly rumors that are too frequently passed around on the Internet.

However, there is JavaScript on the site that disables mouse selection and prevents text from being copy/pasted. While I understand the desire to protect content and original writing, this feature actually works against Snopes' utility as an information source. By preventing users from easily copy/pasting excerpts, we can't tease our audience with a relevant quote or provide context for a link. I believe this actually lowers Snopes' distribution, virality, and (therefore) revenue.

As a specific example: Making it difficult for journalists to include an excerpt makes them less likely to do so and then attribute it via link.

This petition asks the operators of to remove this archaic pseudo-protection from the site's pages. It doesn't actually defer any sufficiantly motivated thief from getting the content. It is confusing, frustrating, and works against the Snopes mission.

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    • Kevin McMahon STEVENS POINT, WI
      • 11 mesi fa

      I use a javascript switching app for google chrome app store to turn off java and allows me to copy/paste snopes. FYI.

    • Kevin McMahon STEVENS POINT, WI
      • 11 mesi fa

      I use a Javascript switching app on google chrome Turns off Java on Snopes and allows me to copy/paste. Easy. FYI.

    • Robert Novak SUNNYVALE, CA
      • circa un anno fa

      The harder you make it for people to use your site, the better other less ad-laden and user-hostile sites begin to look.

    • Sheila King BOSTON, MA
      • oltre un anno fa

      Snopes is choosing greed over an open internet.

    • Endre Stølsvik HOMMERSåK, NORWAY
      • oltre un anno fa

      This is just absurd - I typically link to your page from some stupidity posted on facebook, and want to add a little "punchline snippet" from your text to entice people to actually go to your page. And this is not allowed. This shit works against you!!!


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