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Los Angeles MTA and the Expo Authority

LA Native

    1. Charles Miller
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      Charles Miller

      Los Angeles, CA

The stations for phase two of the Expo Line present a perfect opportunity to create multiple pockets of native landscaping that will reduce water and fertilizer use; create vital islands of native habitat for birds, butterflies, and other species; and serve as public educational showcases of our native plant varieties, encouraging our citizenry to make better, sustainable choices for landscaping.

The Theodore Payne Foundation (an LA Native member), provides some startling facts: 1) California uses 20% of its energy consumption to move and treat water. 2) Up to 70% of residential water goes to watering landscaping in our county—landscaping we've filled with non-native tropicals and invasive species that consume on average seven times more water than our native plants. 3) Unlike the indigenous plants that evolved in our nitrogen-poor soil, non-natives need fertilizers. The abundant use of such fertilizers has become a huge source of runoff pollution in Santa Monica Bay. 4) Landscaping with native plants does not cost more, and in some cases reduces maintenance costs. 5) We've lost 90% of our native songbird and butterfly populations in the last fifty years. This is no coincidence. A primary food source for baby birds is butterfly caterpillars. Nearly all the native butterfly populations can only eat the native plants. By filling the Los Angeles area with non-native ornamentals, we've created a cascade effect of damage.

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    1. Expo Board of Directors Embraces Natives!!!

      Charles Miller
      Organizzatore della petizione

      At the June 7 meeting of the Expo Line Board of Directors, the Board voted unanimously to approve a motion introduced by Director Paul Koretz to landscape Phase Two of the Expo Line with native plants "to the fullest extent possible along the alignment." The motion was passed as introduced.

      Board members from Culver City, Santa Monica, and LA City and County came together in unity in favor of landscaping with our naturally occurring native plants wherever possible--a decision that will have longterm benefits for the region.

      LA Native's work is not done! LA Native will continue to serve as liaison between environmental and transportation advocates to see that the will of the Board is carried out and that plants chosen have the best opportunity to thrive and compliment the mission of sustainable public transit. There is plenty of work to be done. Follow our progress on our website and LA Native Facebook page as we continue our journey toward a new kind of light rail landscaping.

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    3. Santa Monica Task Force on the Environment Passes Motion of Support

      Charles Miller
      Organizzatore della petizione

      Followed by a presentation from LA Native members Charles Miller (Palms NC) and Lisa Novick (Theodore Payne Foundation), the Santa Monica Task Force on the Environment unanimously passed a motion to endorse native plants for phase two of the Expo line. The motion also asks the Santa Monica representative on the Expo Board to strongly endorse such a plan for the MTA. The recommendation will now advance to the Santa Monica City Council. We are excited to have Santa Monica stakeholders join us in our effort!

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    Motivi per firmare

    • Yvonne Teofan CULVER CITY, CA
      • 2 mesi fa

      This is an ecologically sound and brilliant plan that not only drastically reduces water consumption, but eliminates pollution while restoring our bird and butterfly populations to former levels and enhancing the natural beauty of our city environment. Human beings need nature.

    • jeanne kuntz LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 2 mesi fa

      This is an amazing win-win-win opportunity. Absolutely no one is hurt and we all save money and species.

    • Elizabeth Fenner LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 10 mesi fa

      Because it's important to the next generations

    • Sandy Zalagens LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 12 mesi fa

      cause we're finally showing progress in our city and the momentum will bring more good like what you are doing.

    • Alvina macias SANTA YNEZ, CA
      • circa un anno fa

      I'm all for sustainable native landscaping!


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