Expect More: Tell Target to Stop Supporting Slavery in Uzbekistan!
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Expect More: Tell Target to Stop Supporting Slavery in Uzbekistan!

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Target Corporation often offers prices that seem too good to be true - how do they keep their prices so low? Turns out some of Target’s products might be so cheap because they are made with slave-picked cotton from Uzbekistan and/or purchased from Daewoo International, a company that accounts for approximately 20% of all cotton processed in Uzbekistan.

Every year, during the harvest season, over a million children and adults – including teachers, nurses and doctors – are ripped out of their homes, schools and jobs, and forced to work in the cotton fields of Uzbekistan to meet daily picking quotas. They are often threatened and beaten, as in the case of 18-year-old Navruz Muyzinov who was reported to have been beaten to death by police officers when he left his assigned cotton field before meeting his quota during the 2012 cotton harvest.

Over 100 apparel companies (including Target) from all over the world have taken a stand against slavery in Uzbekistan, pledging to not buy slave-picked Uzbek cotton in an effort to push the Uzbek government to end the enslavement of its people. Now, they’re being called upon to follow up on their pledge by joining the Daewoo Protocol, declining to do business with Daewoo until it takes serious steps to stop sourcing slave-picked Uzbek cotton.

We expect more from Target, a company that takes pride in holding the highest ethical standards for itself and for its business partners. So we called and asked them to join the Daewoo Protocol. Target said they didn't need to sign the Daewoo Protocol because they have a “No Uzbek Cotton” policy. But such a policy only works if you're willing to enforce it.

If Target is truly serious about keeping slavery out of its stores, it needs to stop doing business with Daewoo by agreeing to implement the Daewoo Protocol – a series of steps companies need to take to eliminate slave-picked cotton from their supply chains.

Tell Target to sign the Daewoo Protocol, a serious step toward fighting modern slavery in Uzbekistan.

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    • Jaime Huerta LOS ANGELES, CA
      • 7 mesi fa

      Target needs to start paying their employees a living wage. I know my comment is off topic but wanted to share that.

    • Rachel Martin MORGANTOWN, WV
      • 8 mesi fa

      (I'm going to copy the apt response of another signer ... .)

      "I *love* Target. You guys welcome people of all sexual orientations, you do a lot for our local community and we shop there every week. I want a clean conscience when I shop and I don't want to support slave labor. :( So please don't support it. Thanks!”

    • Nicole Evans FT. LEAVENWORTH, KS
      • 8 mesi fa

      I cannot continue to be a part of the cycle that enslaves people around the world for my "sense of fashion." There are plenty of other companies to choose from who are willing to put the welfare of others before their bottom line. I would much rather shop there.

    • Diane Anderson KENWOOD, CA
      • 9 mesi fa

      Come on target - we're living in the 21st century. I for one will boycott you until you take the necessary steps to stop doing business with Daewoo!!! How would you like to be one of those slaves ripped away from loved ones and enslaved? Have empathy. We're all connected and it means more than profits!!!

    • Rebecca Henson BALTIMORE, MD
      • 9 mesi fa

      I spend most of my household food and cleaning supply budget in your store. Stop using slave labor or loose my business.


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