Tell the truth, and stop hiding AYLA!
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Trista Reynolds

Tell the truth, and stop hiding AYLA!

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      Gogo Gadget

Ayla deserves to be home with all of her family. My opinion is that Trista Reynolds is responsible for her disappearance, and she is hindering the investigative efforts to bring Ayla home. Hundreds of thousands of people have been tuned into this case, and each person deserves to know the truth. Many innocent people have been slandered, all the while Trista continues to change her story. Three simple questions can break this case, but TRISTA refuses to answer them:

1. Where EXACTLY were you on the day Ayla went missing?
2. Why did you take Ayla?
3. Why are you doing this, and allowing it to go on for so long?

Demand answers, demand transparency!

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    2. I signed it! Wooohooo

      Gogo Gadget
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    • Laurie Quill VELMA, OK
      • hampir 2 tahun lalu

      Showing how ignorant the slanderous hate club is for all of THEIR petitions against innocent people.State Farm reps are SUPPOSED to sell life insurance. Stop condemning Ayla's father; there is no proof of what happened to her.And no one is doing this innocent child justice with petitions against State Farm.Investigate first, point fingers later.


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