Tell Verizon: Stop Attacking the Middle Class
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Tell Verizon: Stop Attacking the Middle Class

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Update 8/21/11: As of Tuesday, August 23, 2011, 45,000 striking Verizon workers have returned to work. While bargaining on the major remaining issues is ongoing, workers will be protected for an indefinite period under the terms of their existing collective bargaining agreement. Thank you to everyone who supported our efforts and helped make this possible.


Right now, 45,000 Verizon workers are on strike to stop the attack on the middle class.

The reason? Despite record profits, Verizon is refusing to bargain about the outrageous cuts it wants to force on its workers.

In the last four years alone, Verizon made billions in profits and compensated their top five executives more than a quarter of a billion dollars. But apparently that's not enough.

Verizon's proposals would cut healthcare benefits for retirees, slash sick days, and eliminate benefits for workers who get hurt on the job. They even want to increase the number of jobs they outsource and send overseas, all in an attempt to increase already sky-high profits.

And now Verizon won't even engage in serious negotiations at the bargaining table.

That's why 45,000 CWA and IBEW members walked out on Sunday, August 7th to force Verizon to abandon its Wisconsin-style tactics and negotiate.

America has had enough of corporate greed. Now is the time for Verizon to do the right thing and come to the bargaining table in good faith instead of trying to kill the American Dream for 45,000 middle-class workers.

45,000 Verizon workers are on strike to stop the attack on the middle class, and they need our support.

Take action now: tell Verizon CEO Lowell McAdam to stop Verizon’s attack on the middle class and share his company’s successes with those who made it possible.

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    2. Video: Verizon workers explain why they're on strike

      "We built this company... we built Verizon. And we deserve our fair share." Check out this incredible video of Verizon workers talking about why they're on strike by clicking the link above.

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    Alasan penandatanganan

    • Don Salsburg BARNEGAT, NJ
      • hampir 3 tahun lalu

      Verizon is, and has been for some time, part of the Evil Empire And therefore part of the problem!

    • Kim Cooke MORGAN HILL, CA
      • hampir 3 tahun lalu

      Verizon needs to be better to it's customers. If I had any options I would remove all my accounts but I am stuck with Verizon at home. We tried to get help for over a year with a billing issue to no avail. They put us in collections but when we called they said no we were paid up but then collections kept calling. One side doesn't know what the other is doing. They offer bundled billing but won't give you bundled help. The company is so not user friendly so I can image they just screw their employees too. This company sucks.

    • Ian Atwood ST PETERSBURG, FL
      • hampir 3 tahun lalu

      I am a current Verizon customer, have been for at least four years, and this action against middle class workers on the part of the corporation has pretty much decided me to change phone companies when my contract expires.

    • Cerissa Sample DOVER, DE
      • hampir 3 tahun lalu

      I am a Verizon customer, if you are profiting why do you need to make these changes? Perhaps if you were trying to save your company from bankruptcy, cut-backs could be understood to some extent. This just seems like pure greed to me, are you simply concerned that you are not quite wealthy enough Mr. McAdam?

    • luke prendergast PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • hampir 3 tahun lalu

      Solidarity! I'm a PFT member.


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