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Tell the Senate and Bush to Protect Gay Workers

    1. Joanne Mendez
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      Joanne Mendez

      Scottsdale, AZ

The House has passed the Employment Nondiscrimination Act - landmark legislation that may be the most important civil rights legislation in almost two decades. The bill grants broad protections against discrimination in the workplace for gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals. Though there were concessions on the issues of transgender protections and exceptions for religious groups, this was an historic victory that has been pursued since 1974.

This giant leap forward for gay rights must not end at the House. Senators Kennedy and Collins are already preparing comparable legislation for the Senate. Please urge your senator to support this bipartisan effort.

Also, President Bush has threatened to veto an earlier version of this bill. Tell the White House that it must not stand in the way of civil rights. Urge the President to listen to Congress and the American people. Protection for gay members of the workforce are long overdue!

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