Free  Waqar Now !
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Free Waqar Now !

    1. Kamayani Bali-Mahabal
    2. Petisi oleh

      Kamayani Bali-Mahabal

      Mumbai (Bombay), India

The Indian State has booked Waqar under draconian Public Safety Act (PSA) that allows state to jail anyone for two years without trail. Waqar is not a dreaded criminal but only anyother college student who asks for his rights.

Your concern and support is important for Waqar. We urge you to take action by voicing yourselves out and mobilizing Internaional support for the freedom of Waqar and other jailed Kashmiri youth like him.

The authorities in Indian-Held Kashmir have shifted Waqar to Kothbhawal Jail, which is more than 300 km from his home in Srinagar. When a person is detained under preventive law, he cannot be logged more than 300 kms away from his place of residence, thereby flouting a law pronounced by the Supreme Court of India.

The Indian State has deprived Waqar of his education and is on verge of denting his bright career. It is important to mention that he has managed to get a high score despite bring in Jail securing 'A' grade in Final Year exam paper he has appeared in inside Jail.

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      Kamayani Bali-Mahabal
      Penyelenggara Petisi

      Dear all, Thank you for your support waqar ahs been released and he is with his family in Srinagar, hence we are closing the petition

    2. Amnesty international responds to our petition

      Kamayani Bali-Mahabal
      Penyelenggara Petisi

      In an email sent to TEHELKA, AI’s Govind Acharya (India Country Specialist) said the “widespread and abusive use” of administrative detention like the PSA and Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) “reinforces the deeply held perception in young people like Waqar that police and security forces are above the law”. “Amnesty International has repeatedly called on the J&K government to release all PSA detainees or to charge them with a criminal offence,” Acharya tells TEHELKA.

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    Alasan penandatanganan

    • Anil Barot STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
      • lebih dari 2 tahun lalu

      This isn't about Kashmir but the guy has been treated in ways which break the law... unfair. I do NOT sign this because I would want Kashmir free or anything, and maybe and probably Waqar is innocent, maybe he isn't but either way he should get a treatment according to the law.

    • taha shabir SRINAGAR, INDIA
      • lebih dari 2 tahun lalu

      he is booked under Psa bcos he resisted indian occupation,im a kashmiri and it is also important for me to support waqar...longlive waqar,longlive resistance ,longlive my kashmir

    • zaira khan SRINAGAR, INDIA
      • lebih dari 2 tahun lalu

      to give voice to voice less who have become victims of the wrong policies of India

    • Zubair makhdoomi SRINAGAR, INDIA
      • lebih dari 2 tahun lalu

      free waqar free waqar

    • kalash meher NEW DELHI, INDIA
      • lebih dari 2 tahun lalu

      Solve kashmir once for all btw free innocent kashmiri student


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