Victoria's Secret: Make "Survivor Bras" to help breast cancer survivors feel beautiful
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Victoria's Secret: Make "Survivor Bras" to help breast cancer survivors feel beautiful

    1. Allana Maiden
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      Allana Maiden

      Richmond, États-Unis

My mom is a breast cancer survivor -- 21 years cancer-free! I'm so inspired by her strength and hope, and after everything she went through, it doesn't seem fair that shopping for bras is such a discouraging, time consuming and frustrating ordeal. Many women who undergo mastectomy surgery because of breast cancer suffer from body image issues. It doesn't help that they don't have the option of buying the pretty bras they wore before their battle with cancer, and specialty stores can be hard to find, forcing them to order bras online that they have to send back because they don't fit properly.

There are so many women out there, like my mom, who have survived breast cancer but are left feeling altered and uncomfortable because of undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. I think they deserve to feel beautiful and Victoria's Secret is the perfect company to help make that happen with a line of "Survivor" mastectomy bras. 

Victoria's Secret stores are located all across America and the sales women are always helpful with fittings. The designs are beautiful and can do wonders to boost a woman's self esteem, which is definitely needed after a life-changing experience like breast cancer and major surgery.

Victoria's Secret's parent company says "With a workforce and a customer base that are more than 90 percent female, breast cancer is an issue close to many of us." Join me in asking Victoria's Secret to show they care by helping breast cancer survivors feel beautiful with "Survivor" bras. 

If you've been impacted by breast cancer, leave a comment to let Victoria's Secret know who you're signing for and what a big difference the company could make for the survivors in our lives.

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    1. Petition Delivery Update/Photos!

      Stephanie Feldstein
      Organisateur de la pétition

      On Thursday, January 31, Allana and Debbie delivered their petition signatures and comments collected so far to Victoria's Secret's office in New York. They had a very positive meeting with a VP of External Communications for Limited Brands (Victoria's Secret's parent company). Next step: Limited Brands wants to bring Allana and Debbie to their headquarters in Ohio to talk to more team members, tour the James Cancer Hospital (where the company has dedicated a lot of resources to breast cancer research) and walk through the mastectomy bra shopping experience so they can better understand it from the patient/consumer perspective. Thanks to everyone who signed Allana's petition, a lot of people are thinking about this and taking time to thoroughly look into the issue. Keep sharing the petition and letting Victoria's Secret know why "Survivor Bras" are important to you.

      Allana and her mom, a cancer survivor, are ready to deliver over 119,000 signatures on Allana's petition for a "survivor bra" to Victoria's Secret in New York City!

      Allana and her mom, a cancer survivor, are ready to deliver over 119,000 signatures on Allana's petition for a "survivor bra" to Victoria's Secret in New York City!

    2. ABC News coverage of Allana's campaign

      Stephanie Feldstein
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Daughter Begs Victoria's Secret - Make 'Survivor Bra' for My Mom

      "I know this is a minor inconvenience compared to the other things my mom's been through, and she never complains, but it is not fair," said Maiden in her petition. "A strong woman like her should be able to feel as beautiful as she is.

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    29 jan. 2013

    Sign petition to Encourage Victoria Secret to design a bra for survivor patients. Read article, wonderful idea!

    Pam Grier
    510K abonnés
    • Yasmin Lara HERNDON, VA
      • il y a 1 jour

      Women with mastectomies suffer emotionally after loosing a part of the bodies considered to be an important part of being a woman and being sexy! Victoria's Secret is the symbol of women sexiness, and what it is to feel and look like a sexy woman! By becoming part of this campaign to help women with mactectomies feel sexy and beatiful again they would go a long way helping women recover from such a sudden, drastic and dramatic change in their life.

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    • Angela Oquendo BROOKLYN, NY
      • il y a 3 jours

      As a former VS rep, I worked with a lot of NYC women that had mastectomies at the nearby Memorial Sloan Kettering Hospital. These women need that boost of self confidence and I was always happy to help where I could with that. This was back in 2004. Even then, I thought that it would have been a great idea for VS to design such a bra but obviously it has yet to happen.

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    • Patricia Blake YARDLEY, PA
      • il y a 10 jours

      As a breast cancer survivor, I know what it's like to find good, supportive comfortable post mastectomy bras that are pretty. Help us by doing the right thing.

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    • Martha Cordoba MIAMI, FL
      • il y a 25 jours

      Because I passed through mastectomy and want to look as sexy as before surgery.

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      • il y a 29 jours


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