must convert to Metric system today!
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must convert to Metric system today!

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      C K

      California, CA

USA must follow the rest of the world, and use metric system immediately! USA is the only remaining big country that doesn't use metric system! 

 Because the entire world is using metric system, only usa is stuck with english system, which is totally obsolete!

If people can upgrade their old TV to HDTV, VCR to DVD, windows 1.0 to windows 7, old computers to new computers, there is absolutely no reason why this country can't update itself from the stupid, outdated englishs sytem to the world-wide metric system!

The cost will certainly be much less than a new HDTV!

NASA's Mars space robot was lost due to the English/Metric system confusion in 1999! USA must use metric system now to avoid any future problems.

USA needs to use the metric system to save our posterity from making trillions of unnecessarily complicated calculations, to save residents of earth from making unnecessary conversions and dealing with conversion errors. the usa also needs to show other countries that we care about doing the right thing. the pigheadedness we manifest by not using the metric system is embarrassing.

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    • Tara Hilliard CULVER CITY, CA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Adopting the metric system will surely greatly affect this country.

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    • Nicolas Aguirre BATON ROUGE, LA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      The U.S. measurement system seems pointlessly complicated, metric system will be much easier for everyone.

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      • il y a plus d'un an

      Because Metric MAKES SENSE.

      Now the US just needs to remove pennies (which cost more to manufacture than their own worth + people just throw them everywhere)

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    • Dustin Gunter LINCOLN, CA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Metric is easier to learn, easier to use, and more accurate. There's three reasons. There are no benefits to keeping the English system other than our own laziness and fear of change. It is OUR responsibility to conquer that fear and laziness, instead of giving it power over us.

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    • Eric Nelson ORLANDO, FL
      • il y a plus d'un an

      because i am tired of having to convert every thing to metric to talk to my European friends

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