The Obama Family: Dance "Gangnam Style" with PSY at TNT's "Christmas in Washington" on Dec. 9
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The Obama Family: Dance "Gangnam Style" with PSY at TNT's "Christmas in Washington" on Dec. 9

    1. Grace Choi
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      Grace Choi

      Washington, DC

Hi everyone, I really believe music and dance have the power to bring people from many cultures together, and I’m planning to spend the rest of my life to make the world a better place. As an avid fan of K-pop (Korean pop music) and an international relations nerd, I’ve always shared my love for the two with my friends. I love the Obama family and Psy’s Gangnam style. How about bringing the two together to engage in cultural diplomacy?

Here are the Top 5 reasons to sign my petition to have the Obamas dance to Gangnam Style with PSY.

5- PSY and the Obama family will be together in DC on December 9th (it isn't broadcast until the 21st) for the taping of the TNT 'Christmas in Washington' event. These global forces will share the stage. This is definitely fate!

4- Gangnam Style is the most watched YouTube video in the history of the planet. Why would you not want the President and his family to be part of history by dancing to something so legit?

3- UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon called Gangnam Style a "force for world peace." If this helps get us closer to world peace, then let's work on this together.

2- Making this happen is all I want for Christmas (well, in addition to "world peace" -- see above).

1- On election day, President Obama said "I think I can do that move. But I'm not sure that the inauguration ball is the appropriate time to break that out." Well, Mr. President, I'm not asking you to do this anywhere near the Inauguration.

Bonus points if Joe and Jill Biden join in, and while I want Sasha and Malia to participate too, they will probably need their parents' permission. Come on you guys, sign this, share this, tell everyone you know. We can do this!

Double bonus points if Bill and Hillary make a cameo.

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The Obama Family
Please dance Gangnam Style with PSY. This is a holiday wish. This is a call for peace. Yes we can!

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