Support Daytime Service on the California Coast
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Support Daytime Service on the California Coast

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We SUPPORT a new daily passenger train linking the Central Coast during the day.  For more than twenty years, work on a new Coast Daylight train service has led to studies without results.   

The Coast Rail Coordinating Council, a voluntary coalition of regional transportation agencies is leading the service planning, and has prepared a realistic, IMMEDIATELY DOABLE operating plan.  However the freight train volume and freight need on the corridor has been vastly overstated by Union Pacific Railroad.  This unfairly blocks the public’s right to access the corridor.  Amtrak is willing to operate the service, and it is consistent with the State Rail Plan

We the undersigned individuals strongly urge Union Pacific Railroad (who owns the tracks), Amtrak (the preferred operator of the service) and the State of California negotiate in good faith to start the service on or BEFORE APRIL 2015

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    • dennis tisdale WHITTIER, CA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      This makes sense for California

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    • Lily Claver OAKLAND, CA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Need a train into San Francisco.

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    • Pamela Selwyn ENCINO, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      California needs more and better passenger rail service!

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    • Steve Pickens MILL VALLEY, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      Greater frequency gives better travel options to central CA, whic is not well served by other modes

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    • Daniel Monroe MENLO PARK, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      California needs a LOT more PRACTICAL and PROVEN transportaion choices !!

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