Stop the Superstorms Harming Plover Habitat
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Lisa P. Jackson
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Stop the Superstorms Harming Plover Habitat

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      National Wildlife Federation Action Fund

Hurricane Sandy was so big and so powerful that it damaged more than 40 National Wildlife Refuges--flooding crucial habitats of many coastal bird species, including endangered Atlantic Coast piping plovers, which depend upon the shorelines affected by Sandy for breeding habitat.

Scientists are warning that superstorms like Sandy could become more and more frequent as global temperatures continue to increase--and that we must reduce the pollution causing climate change now.

Right now, President Obama has the power to implement pollution limits and stop new coal fired power plants from spewing unlimited carbon pollution into our air.

Help protect crucial habitat for piping plovers by editing and sending a message to President Obama, urging him to implement limits on carbon pollution from coal-burning power plants.

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    • Ben Brod AUSTRALIE
      • il y a 6 mois

      Habitat destruction from wild weather will lead to species loss, we need to take steps to limit carbon pollution to limit our negative impact on climate change.

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    • Fran Fulwiler PORTLAND, OR
      • il y a 6 mois

      To Gina McCarthy, Environmental Protection Agency: Please address carbon pollution as the major factor driving global warming and work with President Obama to set firm limits on carbon emissions from coal-fired power plants.

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    • Carol Dibbens GRAVESEND, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a 6 mois

      Please stop the pollution causing climate change and help save the plover habitat which is being harmed

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    • Emily Payton HOUSTON, TX
      • il y a 8 mois

      destroying God's creation leads to there being nothing left for our grandchildren and great grandchildren

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      • il y a 10 mois

      ok !!!

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