Stand with Congressman Stephen F. Lynch & America's Working Families

Stand with Congressman Stephen F. Lynch & America's Working Families

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      Stephen F. Lynch for Senate

After working 18 years as an ironworker, Congressman Stephen Lynch knows you can’t live the American Dream without a decent job, and that unions represent a loud and critical voice for workers and their families.

Stephen is now running for United States Senate because he believes that every working family deserves someone fighting for them – and he will be that voice.

If elected, Stephen Lynch will be the first card-carrying union leader to enter the U.S. Senate in our country’s history. In Congress, Stephen fought for the first minimum wage increase in a decade. He founded and continues to lead the Congressional Labor and Working Families Caucus, and opposed attempts to weaken unions by fighting against efforts to make it harder to petition for a union election. Stephen recently co-sponsored legislation to increase the Federal minimum wage, because he believes the our minimum wage should be a livable wage. 

Stephen has a record of standing up for working families – and he will continue to do so in the United States Senate.

I stand with Stephen Lynch in fighting for America’s working families – by protecting employees, standing up for their right to organize, and keeping our labor unions strong.

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      • il y a environ un an

      Unions protect a woman's right to a safe work environment & help pregnant and single mothers to support their children

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    • Anita Robertson BLACKSTONE, MA
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Private - NOT public - unions are important for America to retain.

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