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Gas Euthanasia For Dogs In Texas.

Say NO To Gas Chambers

    1. Jordan Alvarado
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      Jordan Alvarado

      Buda, TX

This form of euthanasia is very horrific and can take up to thirty minutes to kill the number of animals they shove into an air tight crate. Most of the time out of fear and confusion these animals will begin to fight each other and die terrified. There was one incident where a beagle survived the chamber and the man running it refused to re gas him. He was re homed. This form is very cruel and all animals that are exposed die horrified. When they are dead more animals are shoved on top of the corpse's and the crate is gassed again. The animals are then thrown away into a garbage bin and thrown away like they are nothing. Please sign this petition and help in my efforts to end this cruelty.

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    • Daniel Kuchars CATHEDRAL CITY`, CA
      • il y a environ un mois

      It is cruel and inhumane!

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    • ronney berinstein NEW YORK, NY
      • il y a 5 mois

      cruelty to animals is totally unacceptable

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    • Jennifer Young HIGHLANDS RANCH, CO
      • il y a 5 mois

      This is the ultimate form of cruelty to animals

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    • Catherine Lewis GREENVILLE, RI
      • il y a 5 mois

      because animals shouldn't be treated so poorly

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    • Judy Brizzolara SCENIC LAKES, NJ
      • il y a 5 mois

      WTH is wrong with Texas??? This state has lost its collective mind after Ann Richards. Why is killing ok? Why is killing in the worst way possible ok? This has to stop.

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