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Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors

Revise the recent restrictions imposed on wineries for events

    1. Beth Adames
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      Beth Adames

      Morgan Hill, CA

New regulations put on wineries regarding event size and amplified music have resulted in the cancellation of many events scheduled at the smaller wineries that have, up until now, made the South County an especially enjoyable place to live. We ask the Santa Clara Board of Supervisors to reconsider the restrictions so that we can bring back these events that not only help the wineries survive in these tough economic times but also incease the quality of life in our community.

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    • Harry Guidotti MORGAN HILL, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      These events bring our community together in a fun way

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    • Laura Anderson MORGAN HILL, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      Keep our local winery's viable! Clearly it benefits our community and will bring in visitors wich will help increase revenue for our county. Super controlled regulations make growth very difficult in these tough economic times. Step back with the overbearing controls- it will not benefit our county long term. Thank you.

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    • Lori Torres SAN JOSE, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      I really enjoy the events.

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    • Jeff Bernstein MORGAN HILL, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      We need to support local business and do what is good for our community overall.

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    • Lori Guidotti MORGAN HILL, CA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      Great community event !!

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