Pass the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill
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Ohio State Legislators

Pass the anti-bullying Healthy Workplace Bill

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      Bellingham, WA

• Current laws do not address workplace bullying/abusive conduct

• 35% of adult Americans experience workplace bullying (WBI 2010 U.S. National Survey)

• Harm includes stress-related diseases (cardiovascular, immunological, gastrointestinal), plus anxiety, clinical depression and PTSD.

• Without laws, employers can legally ignore this abusive conduct, and do.

Please pass a state law that gives workers for the right to sue their employer for subjecting them to an abusive, malicious, health harming workplace. Allow employers who prevent and correct it to be free from liability. Adopt the Healthy Workplace Bill.

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    • justin ann bandonee BELLAIRE, OH
      • il y a 4 mois

      Because being a victim any times of work place bullying I believe that ALL employees should feel safe at work. We are all being paid from the same company why "rock the boat" to create waves. When you start to wake up in the morning feeling ill to have to go to work then that becomes an issue. And its NOT the job thats causing the issues, its the person who constantly has negative effects on you. Everyone HAS the right to feel welcome at work!!!

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    • Vicki Dunham MAUMEE, OH
      • il y a 6 mois

      too many supervisors Fairness is not a priority anymore; too many in supervisory position are not in their position to know what their job descript. is about, only who kisses their behind

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    • marcia nash CLEVELAND, OH
      • il y a 6 mois

      Because I witness bullying in the workplace

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      • il y a 7 mois

      I have been the target of workplace bullying for years. It never stops, is a constant pounding and every occurrence is worse than the last, The bullies have infiltrated every aspect of my life. I have become fearful for my emotional and physical health and well being and my life.

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    • Richard Anderson LORAIN, OH
      • il y a 7 mois

      I feel as though I am a victim of work place bullying.

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