Make Refillable Water Free at Outside Lands!
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Make Refillable Water Free at Outside Lands!

    1. Maggie Aker
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      Maggie Aker

      Oakland, États-Unis

Outside Lands is a 3-day music festival in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. Upon entrance, Outside Lands requires all refillable water bottles to be emptied. Inside the music festival, you can fill bottles up, but for a cost of $1 per 20 ounces of water.

You can buy $3 disposable plastic water bottles, and beer of course, at nearly every corner of the park, but there are only three refillable water stations. At a festival with 4 stages and 65,000 attendees, these refillable stations are difficult to access.

In fact, many of my friends-- carrying refillable bottles -- resorted to buying plastic bottled water because it was too difficult to access the refill stations and a difference of only $2. 

I understand that there is a cost for the festival to provide water to attendees. But for an all-day, single admittance event where alcohol is commonplace and tickets cost upwards of $100 each day - free and easy access to refillable water is not only a reasonable request, but a safety measure.

Other music festivals, including The Governors Ball, Lollapalooza, and Austin City Limits, already provide free refillable water in the name of SAFETY and SUSTAINABILITY...why shouldn't Outside Lands??

The Outside Lands Festival should make a positive statement and provide free refillable water to festival-goers. 

Promote sustainability. Promote good health. Protect music lovers!

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    22 août 2013

    Tell @sfOutsideLands: Make Refillable Water Free! cc: @apeconcerts @superflygroup @SFWeekly @HuffPostSF #SF

    Matt Fender
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    23 août 2013

    Homies be thirsty, let em drink water. Sign this ish!

    Beat Connection
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    • Tsunehiko Kitamura SANTA CLARA, CA
      • il y a environ un mois

      water is basic human need especially it can not be brought in

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    • charles sy SAN JOSE, CA
      • il y a environ un mois

      Water is a must and should be free!

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    • Eric Kincaid ADA, MI
      • il y a 2 mois

      I am going this summer.

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    • Hannah Ellsbury LAKE TAHOE, NV
      • il y a 8 mois

      Reduce waste, save the environment and money!

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    • Erik Stevenson SAN FRANCSICO, CA
      • il y a 10 mois

      I go to Outsidelands every year and it's so sad to see such an environment-friendly city hold music festivals that reflect none of the ideals of it's people.

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