Justice for Amanda - Leave Smith's Bond set at $250,000 Cash Only
  • Adressée à Honorable Timothy Scott Miller

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Jefferson County, MO 23rd Judicial Circuit -
Honorable Timothy Scott Miller

Justice for Amanda - Leave Smith's Bond set at $250,000 Cash Only

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      Imperial, MO

This petition should be supported because this individual should not be allowed the freedom to walk the streets until his trial date due to the violent and extreme crimes committed upon the victim of this case. Her freedoms, life, financial stability, job, mentality, security and comfort have stripped from her as well as her children. Jeffrey Scott should remain where he is until he is tried.


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    • Kelly Parker TRENTON, IL
      • il y a environ 2 ans

      I'm signing because I don't want this idiot loose doing this to others. He needs to be locked up for good, where he belongs, behind bars. Maybe then he won't be able to harm anyone else. He's a menace to society and belongs in prison! Give Amanda and her family the peace of mind they deserve!

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    • Kelly Flamm IMPERIAL, MO
      • il y a environ 2 ans

      cuz I don't want to be NEXT on these guys list of victims! Keep them behind bars where they DESERVE to be!

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      • il y a environ 2 ans

      I agree with Adrian, this animal should remain locked up where he is so that he does not harm any other innocent victims!

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