JPMorgan Chase and US Bank: Allow the Gearing family to purchase their own home back from foreclosure.
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JPMorgan Chase
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JP Morgan Chase
Kristin Lemkau

JPMorgan Chase and US Bank: Allow the Gearing family to purchase their own home back from foreclosure.

    1. Pétition de

      Jeannette Gearing

      Sautee-Nacoochee, GA

My family wants to buy our family farm of many years -- but because we are in foreclosure, JP Morgan Chase (the servicer) and US Bank (the trustee), two of the largest banks in the US, are refusing to even hear an offer until we have been evicted, forcing my husband and I, our seven children, and our aunt who suffers from Alzheimer’s disease to move out and compete with investors to buy back our own property!   

When our family business went under due to the recession, we fell behind on payments and our family farm went into foreclosure. We have tried tirelessly to work with the bank to keep our home, but have been given the run-around by the bank each time—often calling and being forwarded to scores of representatives, none of which say they can do anything to negotiate! The bank (then Chase) even sold our mortgage at one point (to US Bank), causing even more confusion over who we should talk to. Now, we have managed to find outside financing and are trying to submit an offer to JPMorgan Chase to buy back our home (in cash) so that our seven children and aunt will not have to be evicted. But JPMorgan Chase, claiming bureaucratic process, is refusing to even hear or consider offers on the property until we have been evicted. 

The time between eviction and when the sale of the property takes place will allow investors to come in and buy our family farm before we can even make an offer to purchase it back ourselves.  According to the bank, we will be forcibly displaced on November 5th. With seven young children (ages 7-17), all of whom have grown up in the home, and my husband Bill's ailing aunt who we provide care for, this will create a scar that may never be healed. Not only does the bank's bureaucratic requirement of "eviction before sale" put our family in the ridiculous position of having to pack and move all our belongings to vacate the home which we hope to buy and move back into just days later, it also opens the door for outside real estate investors to swoop in and offer the bank far more than we owed on the house, leading to both the bank and the outside investors profiting off our tragic loss.

US Bank claims that when we choose them “you don't just get one of us, you get all of us serving you.” Sign the petition to ask US Bank and JPMorgan Chase to honor this commitment and allow us to buy back our home.

Thousands of people currently have mortgages that have been sold from bank to bank like ours was, and it's unacceptable for banks to use this reason to deny families the chance to pay back money for their homes.

Please sign our petition, asking JPMorgan Chase to meet with us and hear our offer to purchase our own home prior to the forced eviction on November 5th. 

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    1. Victory!!!

      Ryan Eller
      Organisateur de la pétition

      I just got this note from Jeannette Gearing and Robert Gill...
      After fighting with numerous banks, none of which claimed they could help us; wondering where we would move, and living out of packed boxes for months from fear of forced eviction, I am thrilled to announce that our lender has recently closed on our property and we can now remain in our home without the fear of banks ever evicting us! I know the only reason US Bank responded is this petition on Prior to going on to start a petition, the bank wouldn’t even return our phone calls. Now, because of the petition and your help, we’re in our home for good. My family and I owe a million thanks to the many friends and neighbors who stepped up to help our family save the farm. Preventing this unnecessary foreclosure and eviction was due to the more than 200,000 of you who signed our petition on, and to those of you who called the bank’s office demanding a meeting...

    2. Your work is paying off!!!

      Ryan Eller
      Organisateur de la pétition

      I just got an email from Jeannette Gearing that "due to all of the petition signers and folks who called in to Chase demanding a meeting, they have POSTPONED eviction until November 15th in order to see if our family representative can negotiate to buy back our home!" Jeannette wants to give a special thanks to everyone for their thoughts and prayers and is hopeful that continued work through the petition will result in a final resolution soon.

    3. An important ask from Jeannette:

      Ryan Eller
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Chase Bank said they would meet with our family representative to hear an offer that would allow us to stay in our home -- but now nobody at Chase will return our calls. The only way we can stay in our home is if we get the bank's attention right now, by calling the Chase Bank. Otherwise they will continue stalling and unnecessarily evict us Monday!

      Thank you for signing the petition. Will you now take just two minutes to help my family? All you need to do is:

      Pick up your phone and dial 614-422-6699 to reach Amy Bonitatibus, Mortgage Banking Media Relations at JP Morgan Chase and ask them to set up a meeting with the a representative from our family.
      If you're directed to voicemail, please leave a message. If you're a Chase customer, let them know - companies care most about feedback from their customers.

      To follow the call-in day or get more details go to:
      --Jeannette Gearing

      Gearing Family Farm Call-In Day | Facebook

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    4. 200 000 signatures récoltées
    5. BIG NEWS: JPMorgan Chase has agreed to meet

      Jeannette Gearing
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Big News: JPMorgan Chase has communicated with me that as soon as they get an independent appraisal report (which was supposed to reach them today) they are willing to meet and hear our offer! Please keep spreading the word to make sure Chase follows through on that promise and doesn't unnecessarily evict my family next week.

    6. JP Morgan Chase now admits they have the authority to hear our offer!!!!

      Jeannette Gearing
      Organisateur de la pétition

      After giving us the run-around for months, the pressure of this petition has unearthed for the first time that JP Morgan Chase is the Servicer for our home and they are the ones who have the authority to hear our offer! Even though neither bank will claim ownership, US Bank is the Trustee. Please help us by reaching out to Chase and asking them to meet with us to hear our offer before it is too late. Still nobody has been able to show us that they hold the promissory note and had the right to foreclose as an owner, which is one reason it's taken this effort to even get the banks to admit their roles as Servicer and Trustee.

      Thank you so much for all of your continued support! Your support and comments have helped give me the strength to continue fighting for my home on behalf of my family.

      Blessings to all, Jeannette

    7. 150 000 signatures récoltées
    8. 1/4 Way There!!

      Robert Gill
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Hey, guys! I'm proud to say that as of tonight, we have passed the 25% mark on our way to our goal of 5,000 signatures! The Gearings and I are overwhelmed and so grateful for all of your concern and kind wishes. Many thanks to each and every one of you who have signed and commented, you are giving us such hope and motivation. Please keep it up and tell your friends! Let's stand strong together to win this fight and help these kids!

    9. 1 000 signatures récoltées


    • Vanessa Griffin ALBUQUERQUE, NM
      • il y a plus d'un an

      If they can do it, let them!!!

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    • Debra Kamps CRIVITZ, WI
      • il y a plus d'un an

      It's time we all start saying enough is enough. Give them there home back. If they can afford the payments why are you throwing them out. Banks caused the problems along with our politicians to families in this country it's time we say enough, allow them to take back what should be rightfully theirs

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    • Michael Meabon BARBOURSVILLE, WV
      • il y a plus d'un an

      my family and i lost our home to foreclosure after paying over 20,000 on it because we stopped paying because they wouldn't fix it from previous awful damages, then a few months later the government wanted to help. Good Luck guys we are praying for you.

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    • james shaver MOAB, UT
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Families ARE 'The Bread and Butter' OF America. We NEED "them" to Have SAFE Decent Housing.

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    • Brenda Can KINGSVILLE, TX
      • il y a plus d'un an

      Red tape, for shame. If they can pay for it let them keep it --corporate stupidity!!!

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