International Olympic Committee (IOC): Strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Games
  • Adressée à : Jacques Rogge

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President - International Olympics Commmittee (IOC)
Jacques Rogge

International Olympic Committee (IOC): Strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Games

    1. James Lavin
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      James Lavin

      Llandysul, Royaume-Uni

In June Russian President, Vladimir Putin made it a crime to “promote homosexuality or non-traditional relationships” in Russia, effectively criminalising homosexuality. This has been met with a global outcry.

Next year, Russia is due to hold the winter Olympic games. To me and thousands of others around the world, this must not be allowed to happen. The Olympics is about excellence, tolerance and respect - to hold the winter Games in Russia with in the current political climate of hate toward LGBTQ people is not compatible with those values.

It is not fair to ask athletes who have trained so hard to carry the burden of asking them to boycott next year's event. I am calling directly on the International Olympic Committee to move the games from Russia to Vancouver, Canada.

Vancouver was the last host of the winter games, so the facilities are ready to go. As a previous host it also knows how to project manage the events. If this isn’t possible then they could have the events in different countries.

The fight for freedoms for LGBTQ people has come a long way in recent times - but these new laws in Russia is a terrible and retrograde step. The world has a duty to stand together and show Russia that we will not stand by while they do this to their own citizens and visitors. Moving the 2014 Winter Olympics will show them that what they are doing is wrong

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    08 août 2013

    Why are the Winter Olympics being held in Russia? How can anyone safely travel to Russia for these games, given...

    Anne Rice
    67K abonnés


    06 août 2013

    It's time to move the Olympics out of Russia. Here are my thoughts. RT if you agree!

    George Takei
    770K abonnés


    08 août 2013

    This is the petition site urging Jaqcues Rogge and the IOC to move the Winter Olympics to Vancouver:

    Stephen Fry
    6mio abonnés
    • Bruno Oliveira PONTAL DO PARANá, BRéSIL
      • il y a 10 jours

      We need a better world, we deserve that!

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    • Akarna Bowers AUSTRALIE
      • il y a 21 jours

      I dream of a world where everyone can stand together and remember that we were all born equal and we'll all die as equals too. I don't want an event of such international importance and inspiration to be held in a country that blatantly ignores a basic human right: the right to love and be loved without fear of condemnation. At this current point in time, Russia has not earned the privilege to host an international event that is supposed to represent global unification and good sportsmanship. It is a mockery to the human race and its advancement and potential to continue to allow this slight to go by unaddressed and without consequences. Please strip Sochi of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games. It is the right thing to do.

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      • il y a 23 jours

      can everyone also sign this petition aswell

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    • Sharon Eddy E. FALMOUTH, MA
      • il y a environ un mois

      Any form of discriminatioin is unacceptable.

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      • il y a environ un mois

      Je me sens concerné dès qu'il se dégage un parfum d'intolérance ...!!!

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