Don't scapegoat #whistleblower #ositamba
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Don't scapegoat #whistleblower #ositamba

    1. Maria Mursell
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      Maria Mursell

      London, Royaume-Uni

HMRC must protect Osita Mba and all future whistleblowers!

Osita is a solicitor at HMRC who had the courage to tell the Public Accounts Select Committee that senior managers in his department had quietly let off Goldman Sachs from paying millions of pounds in tax penalties

He is now being investigated by HMRC for his disclosure and faces disciplinary procedures - at present, he cannot even enter HMRC offices without an escort. Parlaimentary Committee chair Margaret Hodge has called HMRC's behaviour towards Osita was "harassment and completely unacceptable".

As a long-standing friend of Osita's, I know that he made these disclosures in the public interest - he wanted politicians to know that big banks were getting away without paying their fair share of tax. 

Dave Hartnett, Permanent Secretary for Tax, has already announced that he will be resigning next summer. Now Dave Hartnett must agree to drop the internal investigation of Osita.

I also call on Margaret Hodge to continue defending Osita, and ensure that his job is protected after the help he gave to the Public Accounts Select Committee.

Whistleblowers must be protected or there won't be any!

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    2. Margaret Hodge talks about importance of whistle-blowers

      Katharine Segal
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Margaret Hodge, Chair of the Public Account Committee, today accused HMRC of using a "veil of secrecy to hide the favourable deals to 'Goliath' major firms."

      She also said “It is extremely disappointing that senior HMRC officials were not prepared to co-operate with our inquiry. It is absurd that we had to rely on the media and the actions of a whistle-blower to find out about the details of individual settlements.”

      Hopefully this will add extra pressure to HMRC to drop the case against Osita.

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    4. On Saturday Santa will be delivering a stocking full of coal to HMRC

      Katharine Segal
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Santa is displeased with HMRC for their persecution of whistleblowers and sweetheart handshakes with Goldman Sachs and Vodafone.

      Therefore on Saturday he will be heading to the Westminster Office to tell them all they've been thoroughly naughty, sing them a tasetfully rendered christmas carol, and leave a small present.

      But Santa is nothing without the elves, the reindeer, etc. Please join to raise awareness of the hypocrisy of the HMRC actions, the plight of whistleblowers, and sign our petition to support Osita Mba.

      Bring santa hats, come as elves, come as reindeer, bring a placard, don't bring a placard...but be there!

      All details here:

    5. The internal investigation into Osita has been suspended

      Katharine Segal
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Last night, the Guardian reported that the internal HMRC investigation into Osita Mba has been dropped:

      Clearly the HMRC are responding to public pressure - now let's get the case dropped! Please share the petition with your friends and family.

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    • Eric Penrose EDGWARE, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a environ 2 ans

      Punished for doing better than doing your job- absurd

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    • maureen kane HAVANT, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a environ 2 ans

      reason for signing this is because to much is swept under the carpet because people are afraid to speak out, so I am in support of the whistleblower and he/she should be given support.

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      • il y a environ 2 ans

      I believe in transparency. Sometimes secrecy can be a safeguard when it protects the innocent, but if it only serves material self-interest I believe it should be exposed. I hate injustice, I hate bullying and I hate the abuse and misuse of power.

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      • il y a plus de 2 ans

      Whistleblowers should be able to speak out with impunity. This guy did a very brave deed. He spoke up on behalf of all taxpayers, not for personal gain or reward, but because it was the right thing to do. Thank you sir, I salute you!

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    • Thomas Punt EPSOM, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a plus de 2 ans

      It is vital that witnesses before the PAC are allowed to speak without fear or favour when asked a direct question. Otherwise how will they ever get at the truth and promote the public good

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