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Channel 5 must withdraw offer for Justin Lee Collins to appear to Celebrity Big Brother

    1. Alex Larke
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      Alex Larke

      Codicote, Royaume-Uni

Justin Lee Collins is a convicted domestic abuser and a bully who put my sister through a sustained campaign of emotional abuse.

It's disgusting that Channel 5 have selected him BECAUSE of his conviction, to boost their flagging ratings for Big Brother, and the fact they are essentially rewarding him for his abhorrent behaviour with the offer of £100,000 to appear in the house!

Victims of domestic abuse are already fearful to report their abuser due to the fact the current legal system doesn't cater for the crime in its entirety. Now we are threatening to make domestic abuse an acceptable and minor offence by allowing this scumbag back on the television as if nothing ever happened.

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Channel 5
Withdraw offer for Justin Lee Collins to appear to Celebrity Big Brother

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    2. Questions

      Alex Larke
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Quite a few people have sent messages asking me what I will do should this petition fail.

      The simple answer is that I, and anyone that is willing to join me, will go to Elstree and do our utmost to disrupt recording, old skool Big Brother stylee.

      And if that fails, I can only hope that Katie Price will tear him a new arsehole.

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    4. Thank You!

      Alex Larke
      Organisateur de la pétition

      We reached 1,000 signatures a few moments ago, so I'd like to express my gratitude, but ask that we keep sharing!!

      Also the media have incorrectly stated that my sister started the petition, which has led to the usual 'fame-hungry' bollocks comments from a small-minded few.

      Let's be clear, I started the petition with her blessing, so more negative comments my way! I'm a big boy!!

      Thank you, thank you, thank you again!!

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    • Yasmin Butt HAYES, MO
      • il y a 4 mois

      The idea of him being on TV & making money from his 'fame' knowing he's a woman beater makes my skin crawl.

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    • chris pucknell HITCHIN, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a 5 mois

      His disgusting irredeemable behaviour invalidates his right for a celebrity career in any capacity

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    • andrew james FOLKESTONE, ROYAUME-UNI
      • il y a 6 mois

      Never liked him anyway.

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      • il y a 8 mois

      This guy has been convicted of domestic violence! Enough said...

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      • il y a 11 mois

      Can't stand people who are false. Obviously the fact that Collins portrays his comedy and likeable persona belies an abuser when not under the spotlight. No excuse for abuse

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