We urge ICE to lift its immigration hold on Elvin
  • Adressée à John Morton

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Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security
John Morton
Secretary of Homeland Security
Janet Napolitano
Hall County Sheriff
Steve Cronic

We urge ICE to lift its immigration hold on Elvin

    1. Georgia Latino  Alliance for Human Rights
    2. Pétition de

      Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights

      Atlanta, GA

mai 2012


Update from Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights: Thank you for signing this petition, but most importantly thank you for making the calls! Like they say, "La union hace la fuerza!" Unity makes us stronger! Elvin was released yesterday (5/8/2012) at 8:30 pm! Thank you! Thank you! Please stay tuned, because there are many cases like Elvin's!

URGENT: Elvin Mendieta Quiterio, a twenty-one year old man, was arrested by Georgia police for driving without a license on Saturday around 11 PM in Gainesville, GA.  He was pulled over for a broken liscense plate light, a minor driving infraction.  Elvin Mendieta Quiterio is being held at Hall County Detention center in Gainesville, GA.  His family posted bond on Monday, but ICE has placed an immigration hold on him.

Take Action MAKE A CALL:

Please call John Morton, the ICE Atlanta Field Office, and Hall County Jail, and demand that Elvin not be detained by ICE. 

Make a Phone Call

1. ICE John Morton: 202.732.3000
2. Hall County Jail: 770.531.6905

Sample Script: “I am calling to ask that ICE not detain 21-year-old , Elvin Mendieta Quiterio (Inmate # 300700) and release him from Hall County Jail in Georgia. Elvin has been living in the United States since he was fifteen years old and he is DREAM Act eligible. He is a hard-working member of his community. Please release Elvin from Hall County Jail in Gainesville, Georgia.”

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    1. Elvin was released on May 8th, 2012 at 8:30 pm!

      Georgia Latino  Alliance for Human Rights
      Organisateur de la pétition

      Thank to all of you who signed and made the calls to ICE and Hall County Jail!!!

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    • oscar farias GAINSVILLE, GA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      Hes a good friend and he didnt do nothing bad. He respects people he should get the same respect he gives to others and he deserves to stay here.

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      • il y a presque 2 ans

      Release Elvin his a good hard working guy ive know him for along time all he wants to do is work and go to shool and be something in life

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    • edith guerra GAINSVILLE, GA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      He dosent deserve this,Everyone deserves a second chance

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    • Carlius Williams CORDELE, GA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      This doesn't sound right

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    • Gareth Allcott DULUTH, GA
      • il y a presque 2 ans

      I've had the pleasure of teaching Elvin, and of working with him as he applied for his soccer scholarship. He is a really good guy who wants to make a positive contribution to society.

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