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Roberto Mata
Puerto Rico, PR, Puerto Rico
Hi, my name is Roberto Mata, I made the petition requesting WB to release the Zack Snyder Justice League Director's Cut on Home Media, and at this point you must know why I wrote it, as I describe in the summary, but what you don't know or choose to ignore is that people have tried to either take credit for writing it or that there are people trying to sabotage it, all of which I will discuss in the next paragraph, but before I do that, you must know that THE SNYDER CUT is real, at least the narrative of the film is complete, people need to be aware of all the elements proving that the Zack Snyder Cut exists, like Larry Fong posting a picture on Twitter saying that post production had been finished, stating that the picture was locked, which means there is a visually completed cut of Snyder’s version of Justice League that he edited from all the footage he shot. This completion includes elements such as color balance and color grading because of Snyder’s work in the digital intermediate suite Company 8 as evidenced in his Vero post while the level of completion of the sound and music is unknown, the only things that needed to be finished as stated by Larry Fong were sound mixing, mastering, 3D conversion, multitude of deliverable formats, marketing and distribution.

Now, many people have chosen to be disrespectful towards the fundraiser, claiming that the fundraiser is an attempt to make money, completely ignoring that the description is very clear on its intention: Making a Documentary on The Snyder Cut and getting the truth about what happened behind the scenes, but need I remind people that the YouTubers they follow sit on a chair in front of camera to read other people's articles and making reaction videos about trailers and clips that people can read and watch by themselves, but of course, I'm talking about people who need approval for the things they like, rather than be passionate about them and not giving a damn about what others think of it, of course that's how society works, people are divided into groups that separates them into ignorant and irrational agendas and beliefs like Feminism, Social Justice War, Black Lives Matter, Political Correctness, Religion, etc and if you feel offended by the truth, then you are living in a fictional world, truth is truth no matter what you think or where your opinion stands, of course some will call statements such as this racist, sexist, misogynistic, etc, completely ignoring that they don't question their beliefs and agendas, they just go with what is Popular, Controversial and what makes them feel save, they are for lack of a better term: followers, they don't have a mind of their own, they need to follow a belief or agenda to feel like they belong somewhere and then they scream at their cellphone/computer screens, because truth disagrees with their opinions, which all seems to be quite popular and unfortunately the death of human intelligence, as such simple minded people are following stupidity, not the truth, passionate individuals or making passionate works themselves, they are living a life where everything is given to them, rather than hard work, remember YouTubers have patreon and PayPal accounts, they make money out of people watching them read articles and react to videos. The Snyder Documentary is a search for the truth, taking action, traveling to places and interviewing people who worked on the film, the donation for the fundraiser of The Snyder Cut Documentary is not mandatory, it is the choice of the signatories if they want to donate.

Other people claim that I wanted recognition for making the petition, when I do deserve recognition, but at no moment I searched for recognition, that's not what drove me to write it or what keeps my passion for DC, DCEU or the artistry of Zack Snyder alive, it's getting to share my love for DC characters and what Zack Snyder has brought to the big screen as an artist. Passion is not limited, as recognition is only part of someone else admiring that passion for any given subject, it's obvious that people with such ignorant claims of recognition are jealous of the work I put on writing the petition or they are simply intellectually limited.

Others want to take ownership of my petition, when again, I wrote it, I published it and I campaigned for it, if you signed it that was your choice, but that doesn't give anyone the right for ownership, after all, it's just a petition and people fighting to take ownership for something they didn't write is absurd, it only gives ammunition to people who said that the DC fandom is toxic and partially they are right, when there have been only a small amount of DC fans who are passionate about DC and Zack Snyder's work, the rest just want to write hatred against others and they want to be recognized, because they might feel lonely in their lives.

I've seen "so called DC fans", such as Film Gob talking hatred against the MCU, take his review for Thor: Ragnarok as an example, he talked about how the film was ridiculous, but he didn't even saw the movie, as stated by himself, he just went with people's "Fun, Funny" responses, and that's not a review, that's just hatred for the sake of hatred, and while I agree that Disney has taken Marvel characters and they made comedies of great comic books, they are not sexist nor racist as he claims, he thinks that the beginning of Black Panther which shows Muslims as terrorists is racist, when the film is not trying to make a statement in that regard, but take history as an example there have been a large variety of Muslims who are terrorists, although they should not be categorized as terrorists by no means, because that would be indeed racist, the point is, Film Gob's racist claim is unfounded, again, he just wants to talk hatred, he wants controversy as that gains views and followers.

The MCU has indeed taken a page from the DCEU to create a new movement for more diverse films and I agree that it took them 18 films to do that, but hatred against a studio is not an opinion, is just an emotional response founded in ignorance and some might say that their emotional response is due to their love for Marvel characters, but ask them to be honest with themselves is not because they care about those characters, it's because people with such hatred are tired that the DCEU is constantly bashed by Critics and Journalists for no other reason, than to put the MCU in high regard, which means that a large part of both the DC and Marvel fan community are indeed toxic, instead of giving their opinions about films, they talk hatefully towards each other, and while I agree that Critics and Journalists have been unprofessional and ignorant in an attempt to create controversy, you need to remember that you don't need to listen to them, instead of that, create your own blog, website, YouTube channel where you can talk about what you love, because all you can see in many YouTube channels is an ignorant chain of controversy, rather than passionate and honest opinions about the content they release, of course if they read this statement, they will try to find some sort of excuse to bash my words, instead of logically thinking of their content, they started talking about how various Critics were bias with their content, which is true by the way, but what they don't reflect on is that they have become just like them, they are two different groups with opposing hatred for each other, and I ask myself what happened with people sharing their opinions and at the end respecting each other, agreeing to disagree, they only showcase with their ignorance that they have more hatred than passion, because passionate people don't bash someone else's work.

I might not like what the MCU has done with a few of its characters or their choice of tone and narrative, but I do give them credit for making a successful business, and wether you like it or not, audiences seem more interested in laughing at the screen, then caring for characters and Marvel fans seem to love that, so why people are trying to destroy their enjoyment?, instead of that, focus on the characters and stories you love and are passionate about, WB made a huge mistake by trying to copy Marvel's formula and by letting go of Zack Snyder, but they seem to have recognized that mistake with Joss Whedon no longer directing Batgirl.

Fiona Zheng calls herself a Zack Snyder fan, but that's not true, as before Justice League was released she was defending Joss Whedon's involvement saying that the movie was going to change people's lives and that Snyder trusted him, but of course I knew that wasn't true as I'm sure you all know as well by now, Snyder is a filmmaker, he would never trust a person like Whedon who works by committee, Zack is familiar with Whedon's work and I truly doubt that the same filmmaker who once said that Ant-Man was a flavor of the week superhero would trust a writer/director who writes characters just like that, I know that you are thinking that this is an attempt from me to discredit Fiona Zheng, but not at all, it's just me explaining to all those people who have tried to discredit my petition and the fundraiser the truth behind the kind of people they follow, after all I created the campaign for The Snyder Cut and I truly think people deserve to know the truth, which is as follows:

I wrote the petition months before the film's release as I thought that what was going on behind the scenes was too suspicious, first it was the replacement of Tom Holkenborg with Danny Elfman, as films scores are very important to set the tone of the story, narrative, character development and continuity purposes, then months later it was announced that WB had mandated a 2hr runtime, which I founded ridiculous for a film with 6 characters with larger than life backstories, so I decided to published the petition a few days before Justice League was released, I went to see the film and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw that the film started with a cellphone video, a fucking cellphone video, that showcased a Superman with a horrendous CGI mouth and a new costume that was meant to be his new suit as seen by the end of the film, which not only showed me that Whedon was unprofessional, but that he intentionally sabotaged the film, it was either that or Whedon is a complete moron who has no regard for continuity. Look at Zack Snyder, he shot a short film with an IPhone and he made it look like a high budget studio production and he did that with his friends and family over a weekend, if there's ever another petition it should be to request every major studio to keep Joss Whedon from directing or writing a superhero film ever again, and that's coming from someone that loved Angel and Serenity, whedon not only lost his touch, he has nothing to offer as a writer, director or as a human being.

One week later after publishing the petition, a Vero user that went by the name of Fionadcpositive and now goes by the name of Fiona Zheng approached me, telling me that the petition needed to be rewritten, I decided to give her a chance and she sent me a draft written by Sheraz Farooqui, where he had taken my words and rewritten them, but I decided to decline it, because it was too signature friendly, that means it was written to approach more signatures, rather than a passionate approach, then a week after that, Fiona Zheng approached me once again saying that Man of Steel Answers had written a draft with FAQS, something that I found ridiculous for a petition, and I then decided to write the final draft, since people were calling the petition too long, taking my original words with the help of a Twitter user and YouTuber that has decided to remain unknown, as he is aware of this statement, then I published my final draft of the petition, to which Fiona Zheng and Man of Steel Answers got angry and they started to write very ignorant and narcissistic words about how the petition should follow what they had written, so I decided to try to talk with Fiona over video chat, so that we could work together to find common ground, she not only refused, but responded violently saying that she didn't needed to show her face, which my co-writer found odd and suspicious, so since Fiona didn't want to work together and responded violently I decided to block her on social media, since she at that point was trying to gain credit for the petition when she didn't do anything to help, as I declined their drafts. A few days later after that, Sheraz Farooqui contacted me saying that the Man of Steel Answers draft with the FAQS was more approachable for WB, I declined since the draft was basically a Justice Leagued version of my original petition, as the draft was trying to gain more followers, rather than be passionate about it, I then approached Film Gob and asked him for his opinion on the drafts and I told if he could talk about what had happened with Fiona in one of his videos, he declined stating that he didn’t want to get involved, I told him that he was right at that moment, but thena few weeks I noticed there was a website campaigning for The Snyder Cut and at the bottom there was Fiona Zheng's name as the creator of it, which I founded ironic and funny, I also Film Gob promoting it, which I also found ironic as I had told him the kind of person Fiona is, that's when I realized Fiona's true intentions, she wanted to be the star of the campaign for The Snyder Cut, she made a website out of jealousy and not passion, she attempted to use Snyder's tragedy to make a case against WB, when the campaign was meant to voice DC fans concerns and opinions, I tried contacting Film Gob and he said he was not interested, because Fiona had a website and there was no need for the petition, so I decided to block him, because he didn’t care for the truth, he only wanted the content that was popular, again confirming that he was not different than Journalists who talked down the DCEU, and I decided to remain silent until today, because one thing every person who signed must know is the following:

People like Fiona Zheng need to stop using Snyder's tragedy to make a case against WB, that's disrespectful towards Snyder and his family, and that's not what the campaign for the Justice League Director's Cut stands for, as it was always meant to inspire DC and Zack Snyder fans to talk about their opinions about the release of Justice League and how Snyder has made a stepping stone for superhero films, and if there ever was a case to make against WB, it would've been driven by the TRUTH AND PASSION, not a fan fiction/keyboard warrior "war" against Marvel fans or WB, the campaign was always meant to request WB for The Snyder Cut of Justice League with respect and integrity.

My petition is driven by truth and passion, as I said before it was always meant to voice DC fans opinions on the release of Justice League, I never intended to make a big deal out of it, since in the end is just a petition, but some people as mentioned earlier have taken it to be a sort of weapon against other fans of other superhero films and that's not what passion is driven by, that's just hatred and anger in disguise from ignorant people, in other words they are ignorant and irrational, those other superhero films are rooted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, which no matter where your opinion lands, it is enjoying a great deal of acclaim both critically and financially, something the DCEU was trying to thrive on before all the critical bashing took place and that's something I agree with every DC fan: Most Film Critics have lost or they choose to ignore: PROFESSIONAL CRITICISM, now they just publish clickbait or controversial opinions, because that gains them views and followers, or how articles are written by children minded people, who claim that the DCEU is not doing anything right, completely forgetting that out of both the MCU and DCEU, the latter is focused or was focused, before WB changed that, on giving us DC fans comic book accurate and relatable human versions of DC's most iconic superheroes, but of course, as mentioned earlier, many critics had to take a bias approach, while other YouTubers, Journalists and Websites follow suit in an Anchor Effect, which means that they went with what was POPULAR, rather than PROFESSIONALISM.

One thing I can't express enough is the need to keep integrity and truth within the campaign for Zack Snyder's Justice League and that includes telling DC fans how toxic some of the Youtubers they follow have become, Youtubers who at first were trying to help the campaign, but when presented with the truth about what is going on within the campaign, and how keeping the truth from fans would be the same tactics used by WB, they chose to ignore it in favor of gaining views and followers, they became the very same thing they were trying to fight against, they became just like the journalists who constantly write articles against the DCEU, those channels were Comic Movie Marks and John D Movie Reviews, in a way, various articles were partially right about how SOME "DC fans" were toxic and to some extent downright delusional, but, one Twitter, Instagram and Vero page, who has kept its Integrity and truthfulness is DCEUNews, they are constantly defending the DCEU in an objective manner, they don't make excuses or confirm rumors, they just write the truth.
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