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Please help return these boys to their families.


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On behalf of Cristin Smith and Robert Pape, we are requesting that anyone who is moved to assist with their appeals, donate here. 

Most of the families funds were depleted during the first trial. The appeal and new trial are going to cost just as much if not more than the first. Criminal trials are extremely expensive and most people don't have the funds to properly defend themselves.

During the first trial, multiple family members from both families emptied their savings and retirement accounts to cover the cost of lawyers, expert witnesses, investigators, etc. Now they are forced to ask for help and will appreciate anything you can donate.

If you are unable to donate we appreciate your support and prayers over everything. We hate to have to depend on charity to assure these men get fair representation, but these are desperate times.

All money donated will be split between Robert and Cristin's legal fees. We thank you for your support and faith in these men.

Most sincerely,
Team Rescue Robert Pape and Cristin Smith

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Please help return these boys to their families.