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Help us provide direct emergency care for dogs saved from slaughterhouses in Yulin, China.


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UPDATE: Our goal to raise $150,000 to help end the dog and cat meat trade in Yulin, China was successful! To date, we've funded transportation and housing for 168 dogs and 5 cats rescued by the Humane Society International including the beautiful dog shown in the image above.

Thank you for supporting Duo Duo Project and our work in Yulin to help at-risk dogs and cats.

Eating dogs and cats happens 365 days a year in Yulin, China, not just during the "festival." Our crowdfunding campaign will fund needed medical care for animals vulnerable to the dog and cat meat trade, as well as provide programs to educate all generations on the value pets can offer to families and communities. Here’s just some of what we’ll now be able to do:

  • Purchase and equip a van with veterinarian equipment and medical supplies to provide mobile vet services 
  • Open an adoption center in downtown Yulin that will also host community programs on pet ownership and training
  • Provide mobile spay and neuter services to control dog and cat populations in Yulin

Last year's Yulin Dog Meat Festival received significant international media attention. Animal welfare groups and local activists were on the ground providing help to dogs and cats rescued from dog meat markets  and slaughter houses. What many may not realize is eating dog and cat meat happens every day in Yulin -- not just during the festival. Two days after the festival, Duo Duo Project was informed by local activist groups that they had rescued 662 dogs heading to Yulin meat markets.

Your signatures, and your thousands of #FamilyNotFood posts to social media, raised a tremendous awareness world wide on this issue and pressured local Yulin government to make an official announcement that they are not supporting this festival. This is unprecedented in our years-long campaign.

We look forward to sharing the progress of our new projects and the dogs and cats, we can help through this amazing fundraiser!

Andrea Gung, Founder
Duo Duo Project



Our original crowdfunding campaign text appears below.


Duo Duo Project is founded on the promise to end the cruelty and torture of the worldwide dog and cat meat trade and SHUT DOWN THE YULIN DOG MEAT FESTIVAL in Yulin, China.

Duo Duo, the beautiful dog I named my nonprofit organization after, was sold to me for just $10. I saved this sweet little dog, just days before she was about to be sold for meat and subjected to the torture and death that's a certainty of the dog meat trade. I didn't know then that, for $10, I had bought a life changing moment. Duo Duo’s will to survive, inspired me to start the Duo Duo Project.

Our petition on calls on China’s officials to end the Yulin Dog Meat Festival for its brutal killing of 10,000 dogs, many of which are stolen pets. To date, we have an incredible 2.4 million and counting signatures from people around the world.

A stop to the Yulin Dog Meat Festival would be a victory against the horrors these dogs face. All year, dogs in Yulin are vulnerable to the dog meat trade. To provide preventative and emergency care, please consider helping us meet our goal to fund:

-- Mobile veterinarian ambulances to provide rescued dogs in Yulin immediate care.
-- Ambulance supplies like a portable x-ray, ultrasound, stretchers, surgical equipment.
-- Mobile spaying and neutering services.
-- Transportation, transfer, and housing costs for rescued animals.

Any funds above our goal will be used for our Friend Not Food programs, focused on educating the people of Yulin on the benefits of dogs as pets, family members, and companions in healthcare through community events and dog trainer certification at our new adoption center in Yulin.

Small amounts given by many people make a big difference. Duo Duo was saved for only $10.00.

Your support matters to me,

Andrea Gung

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Help us provide direct emergency care for dogs saved from slaughterhouses in Yulin, China.