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Children are being ripped from their parents by CPS.

Children are growing up without fathers which has resulted in a highly-unstable America.

Men, women and children are committing suicide at record numbers as a result of the greed-driven politicians, lawyers, judges and entitled, "custodial parents". 

NOBODY is doing anything that's making any difference.

The difference is, money. The people who are strangling this country to death and destroying the family have all the money and consequently, the victims of their unconstitutional crimes have no money.

With money, a real grassroots campaign can be activated via social media, Cities across the country and Washington DC. There can be no results without funding, this is the way the world works.

Any money that is contributed to this campaign will be used for the following:

1: The creation of High-Quality Videos which illustrate the Family Law Problem.

2: Paid online advertising to promote Family Law Reform videos and Family Law Reform websites.

3: The creation of a Family Law Reform Lawyer Association that will use the Constitution to bring many unlawful Family Law practices/policies up to the Supreme Court.

4: Funding for advertising for all Family Law Reform Petitions.

5: Organization of a million man march in Washington DC.

...and many more things.

We have to get serious, or things will never change.

Any contribution is welcome and all updates to the campaign will be updated on

Thank you.

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Help Spread the Word About Family Law Corruption