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December 18, 2015 is a date I will never forget.  It’s the date President Obama granted clemency to my mother, Sharanda Jones, who was serving life in prison for a first-time nonviolent drug offense.  My mom spent over 16 years in prison and, with no parole in the federal system, she was sent to die there. Thanks to President Obama, she is now transitioning to freedom and is currently in a halfway-house with a release date of April 16, 2016.

When my mom was given life without parole, I was 8-years-old. Today, I’m twenty-four. Her sentence was so unfair and it was hard to grow up without her. Now we’re so grateful for the opportunity she’s been given.  President Obama literally saved her life!

But starting over isn’t easy. We need your help.

After 16 years, my mom is leaving prison with nothing. She doesn’t have any money to use for basic needs, housing, buying clothes, or for transportation to get to work. So I’ve started this fundraiser to help make her journey into freedom easier.  

Though my mom faced the harsh reality of dying in prison for a first-time nonviolent drug offense, she kept the faith these past 16 years and worked non-stop at personal growth and development. Even the President of the United States agrees!  My mom is rehabilitated and truly deserving of the mercy she has received from President Obama.

Your generosity will help so much and will go directly toward rebuilding my mom’s life.  

Additionally, 20% of your contributions will go directly to an organization my mother and I hold near and dear to our hearts – Girls Embracing Mothers, Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering girls with mothers in prison break the cycle of incarceration and lead successful lives with vision and purpose.  More information about this critical program can be found here:

Thank you dearly for your support.


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Help my mom start her new life