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PLEASE - Donate To Help the WSMAA Fight For You!


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The WSMAA - Washington State Martial Arts Association simply NEEDS your help through donation or creative fundraising.

If you're a student or WA resident here are some facts you need to understand:

FACT: You, your family, your friends, your children, your grandchildren WILL pay HUNDREDS, if not THOUSANDS, of dollars in inappropriate sales taxes if you want to learn martial arts or self defense in WA state.

FACT: This is WA State law even though it is an ADMITTED MISTAKE.  This law is improper and a deviation from the treatment of other similar businesses and activities.  It needs to be fixed!

FACT: Even though WSMAA school owners pay LESS taxes themselves because of this law they UNANIMOUSLY want it reversed because they are passionate educators who believe in what they do and do not want access restricted by high taxation on YOU.

FACT: Current law denigrates the martial art forms, cultures they represent and unique contributions we provide by defining what we do, in opposition to common sense, as primarily 'exercise'.  This is an insult and is our state law now!

FACT: The WSMAA is all volunteer.  Not a single member of the WSMAA has taken a dime from donations for their time, business supplies, fuel/hotel rooms to testify or advertising expenses.

TRUTH: The most unexpected and frankly, heart-breaking, aspect of this battle has been how little help from students, participants, many schools owners and concerned WA residents has been received.  

Especially via financial support which is uncomfortable to say...  

We kind of thought we'd receive thousands of small donations, from students alone, if we explained what happened, what we were doing and how it would benefit them...

The fact of the matter is State politics in Olympia, WA is no different than US politics in Washington, DC.  To be heard, and respected, you need representatives at the capital and they are called 'Lobbyists.'  

Like it or not.  And, they're expensive!

Every cent donated has been spent on our lobbyists.  This expense will exceed $55,000 to 60,000 by the time June 2017 is over.

And, unfortunately we are still about $15,000 short...

Most of what has been raised has been paid by a handful of school owners and WSMAA Board Members who are struggling to make ends meet themselves, demoralized and burned out.  

So, a heartfelt plea to students, supporters or any WA State resident.  

If you support our efforts PLEASE give generously if you can, give modestly if you can't and if you have nothing to spare give your thanks and donate your time contacting legislators and getting the word out.

We promise to do the best we can for you in 2017.

Let's hope our legislators get our message.

Thanks for your support,

The Washington State Martial Arts Association

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PLEASE - Donate To Help the WSMAA Fight For You!