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End Dolphin Captivity in Hawaii


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Aloha all. Hawaii’s Maui County (where I live) has banned the practice of keeping cetaceans, like dolphins and whales, in captivity. However, two of the eight major Hawaiian Islands have facilities where these animals are confined to a life of captivity.

So far, more than 87,000 people have signed my petition asking all Hawaiian Islands to end this practice. Now I want to take that support right to the capitol and show Hawaii lawmakers that it’s time this practice be banned statewide. On May 7th, there is a worldwide protest taking place called Empty the Tanks. My goal is to feature and deliver this petition in the days surrounding this highly covered event.

I need your help to crowdfund $5,000 to make this is effective as possible. The idea behind crowdfunding is that small amounts given by many people make a big difference. So even if you can only give $5, know that your contribution helps significantly. Here’s what I need your support of:

• Printing and delivering over 87,000 petition signatures 
• Travel from Maui to Oahu for the protest
• Create and print a large banner/display 
• Putting up advertisements for tourists and voters

If we can accomplish all the above, we’ll make a huge statement to Hawaii lawmakers and to the millions of tourists that visit each year. Many tourists don’t realize how bad captivity is for these animals -- with your help, we can even put up ads that they’ll see in Honolulu.

Mahalo nui loa,

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End Dolphin Captivity in Hawaii