Wells Fargo:  Stop the foreclosure on a stage 4 cancer victim's home
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Wells Fargo: Stop the foreclosure on a stage 4 cancer victim's home

    1. Kate Livingston
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      Kate Livingston

      Chaparral, NM

Cindi Silvers Davis and her husband, have tried very hard to work with their bank, Wells Fargo, but they say they have been mislead, they have been treated poorly, and now Wells Fargo is trying to put an advanced stage cancer victim out on the street.

Cindi has been a friend of mine for over five years. She lives in Mount Holly, North Carolina with her husband of 20 years, Kirk, and her 7 Special Needs pets, including her Deaf Service Dog, Katie. Cindi has fought breast cancer since 2008 and unfortunately, she's progressed to Stage 4 Breast Cancer. Cindi is such a caring person, she even volunteers for a charity to help people who have lost their jobs and homes care for their pets. Now, it's time for people to care for Cindi and show their support.

As Cindi and Kirk struggled to pay for the additional cancer treatment she requires, they had trouble paying the full mortgage payments each month, but they tried to pay as much as they could. Wells Fargo refused to accept partial payments -- and they are adding fees and penalties too. Cindi explained the situation to Wells Fargo and a bank representative said they would consider a solution, but the next she heard from the bank was a foreclosure notice.

I won't sit back and watch Wells Fargo take away my friend Cindi's home. Cindi's friends all across the country have held fundraisers to help Cindi out with her treatment. We've held yard sales and raffles. Cindi, who loves quilting, even made quilts to sell, but we won't be able to raise enough to save her home, but we need to make sure Cindi has the treatment and medication she needs. All donations will be aimed at her treatment at this time. Cindi wants to keep up with her payments, but she needs help. I've signed other petitions that helped homeowners save their homes and now I'm hoping you will join me to help save Cindi's home.

Please join me in asking Wells Fargo to stop the foreclosure on Cindi's home and negotiate a loan modification with her to help her save her home. This is the link to the blog with Cindi's backstory and donor link: http://hopeforcindi.blogspot.com

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    • Dee Lake TORONTO, CANADá
      • hace más de 1 año

      It is inhumane to foreclose her home.

    • Kathy hoffman PLAINFIELD, IL
      • hace más de 1 año

      Sometimes we just need to do the right thing! Stage four cancer, how would you feel if it were you?

    • don mace TULSA, OK
      • hace más de 1 año

      to foreclose on a cancer victim....would make a lamprey seem like someone's best friend.

    • heather Brzostoski BIRDSBORO, PA
      • hace más de 1 año

      People should be afforded the same consideration you would hope you and your family would be given.

    • Theresa Kulas GRAND RAPIDS, MI
      • hace más de 1 año

      it is only money. they have enough foreclosed house just sitting and not getting resold. it is only time, which they can extend if they wish to. "they" means one person who has the ability to have some compassion, in a heartless industry, and actually have a heart! a good start towards redemption and big brownie points with the biggest dude of all! give this family some dignity while their mom/wife/sister/daughter passes over. (not to mention the anxiety and stress).it is only time.


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