Urge the NAACP: Drop The Lawsuit That Will Limit Access to Quality NYC Public Schools
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President, NAACP New York State Conference
Dr. Hazel Dukes

Urge the NAACP: Drop The Lawsuit That Will Limit Access to Quality NYC Public Schools

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The United Federation of Teachers (UFT) and the NAACP of New York recently filed a lawsuit that aims to close or prevent new enrollment at 19 public charter schools in NYC. If the case is successful, thousands of NYC students who otherwise would have an opportunity at a great education will be relegated to failing schools.

Every child deserves to attend a great school, regardless of their zip code.  In New York City, public charter schools -- including ones operated by KIPP, Uncommon Schools, Harlem Children’s Zone, and Success Charter Network -- enable tens of thousands of kids in the most disadvantaged neighborhoods to attend great schools. While public, these schools operate independently from the district and can offer innovative programs, such as longer school days, to meet the needs of the kids they serve.  

The UFT and the NAACP want to close some of these schools and prevent others from enrolling new children this fall, but thousands of kids are counting on these schools to have a chance at a good education. Denying New York City kids that opportunity is unacceptable. 

It is baffling that the NAACP -- who has fought tirelessly for the rights of all students to receive a quality education -- would participate in this harmful action. Please take a moment to email the President of the New York State Conference of NY and urge the organization to drop the suit and allow NYC kids access to more quality schools.

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