United States Congress: Designate a national holiday honoring America's first responders
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United States Congress: Designate a national holiday honoring America's first responders

    1. Andrew Collier
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      Andrew Collier

      Concord, NC

My name is Andrew Collier, and I am the proud brother of the late Officer Sean Collier. Sean was a police officer on the campus of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who was shot and killed on April 18, 2013 by the suspects connected to the Boston Marathon bombing. Sean's involvement in the community, his love for the people he was protecting, and the principles he showed right until the time of his death are a model of exceptional public service and an example of how we all should live every day. My family and I are so proud of Sean’s commitment to serve and protect. 

I know many families that share this same pride for their loved ones who have dedicated themselves to a life in the emergency response field, including Police, Firefighters, and EMS. We’ve witnessed the bravery and heroism of these men and women time and again -- from running into the Twin Towers on 9/11; to heading toward the sound of gunfire in Colorado, Connecticut; Running into fires like in Arizona, West Texas and too many other recent tragedies; and facing danger for our protection in every community, every day. 

I can't bring Sean back. But as a nation, we can make a commitment to honoring the people who give so much to help our communities every day. It is because of this pride, and the pride for all who serve, that I am writing to ask that a national holiday be designated to honor first responders for their service.

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    1. NEW BILL

      Andrew Collier
      Organizador de la petición

      On February 27th a bill was introduced to the house to designate this holiday. Bill 4109

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    3. New Photo ( MIT Officer Sean Collier receives Somerville Badge)

      Andrew Collier
      Organizador de la petición

      From the left John Lemerman (Brother in law), Brandon Kelly (Friend/Brother), Brendon Lynch (Brother in law) Center Sean Collier (His Somerville uniform) Andrew Collier (Brother), Dic Donahue (Friend) far right Robert Rogers (Brother)

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    6. we have a twitter account now

      Andrew Collier
      Organizador de la petición

      Fallow us on twitter @2makeachange

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    8. Photo

      Andrew Collier
      Organizador de la petición

      I changed the photo on the petition to a picture of my brother and a couple of his friends. All from different police forces but all went to the police academy together. Dic Donohue (left) was shot in the shoot out with the Boston Bombers. My brother Sean Collier (Middle) Was shot and killed shortly before that shoot out. Finally Travis Dixon (Right) Is a good friend to both of them and was roommates with Sean.

      If you would like a photo of your fallen hero e-mail me and we will try to get them up there. Thanks for your support

      We have a new easier URL of www.change.org/firstresponders .
      before our web site at www.2makeachange.org and www.facebook.com/1strespondersday

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    • Edward Gomez BOGALUSA, LA
      • hace 7 días

      All Gave Some, Some Gave All.

    • Jennifer O'Neil FULTON, NY
      • hace 11 días

      If it wasn't for my local police, fire department and EMS service, Mentor Ambulance all here in Fulton NY, I wouldn't have the privilege of signing this petition. They saved me when my heart stopped with no warning one year ago last week. All these men and women put their lives on the line, see the most tragic things on a regular basis and still CHOOSE to come in every day and do it again. If these people don't deserve a day of recognition, then NO ONE DOES!

    • douglas wyman COTTAGE GROVE, MN
      • hace 30 días

      I was one

      • hace alrededor de 1 mes


    • Shari Geffert AYLETT, VA
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      The firefighters, police, EMTs, anyone who is a First Responder should be recognized for their selflessness, heroism, and for everyday putting their lives on the line for others. We wouldn't be were we are today without them. We should show them our honor and support for them and of them.


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