Tell Neiman Marcus to Stop Selling Fur
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Tell Neiman Marcus to Stop Selling Fur

    1. Annie Hartnett
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      Annie Hartnett


Recently, the Humane Society of the United States revealed that Neiman Marcus labeled a St. John jacket as having a raccoon fur collar, when the trim was actually made of raccoon dog. Raccoon dogs are native to Asia, and are members of the same family as domesticated dogs. 

President Obama signed the Truth in Fur Labeling Act on December 18, 2010, which mandates that all fur be properly labeled and advertised, including the species of animal the fur came from. Neiman Marcus supported this bill, after the store accidentally advertised real fur coats as faux fur last year. 

Consumers should know exactly what they're buying. Chinese raccoon dogs are kept in wire cages, and clubbed to death or  skinned alive. And in the US, animals raised for fur don't fare much better, raised in horrific conditions on fur farms, or caught in the wild in painful traps. They are often killed by anal electrocution. 

Sign the petition to ask Neiman Marcus to stop selling fur. 

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