Stop Using Tax Dollars to Sponsor Cruel Bull Riding Events
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Stop Using Tax Dollars to Sponsor Cruel Bull Riding Events

    1. Stephanie Feldstein
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      Stephanie Feldstein

      Ypsilanti, MI

The U.S. Air Force uses your tax dollars to sponsor Professional Bull Riders events in the hopes of finding new recruits. In Defense of Animals described the sponsorships: "The cash is spent on sponsoring cowboys who cruelly treat unwilling horses, calves and bulls like nothing more than living sports equipment in their pursuit of fame and riches."

The Air Force Recruiting Service extended its partnership with the Professional Bull Riders again last year, saying, "The partnership is intended to help the Air Force in its recruiting, outreach and awareness while demonstrating the Air Force's core values of Integrity first, Service before self and Excellence in all we do."

Integrity, Service and Excellence are not words that should be used to describe cruel bull riding events. In bull riding, docile animals are abused in order to get them to act wild and put on a show. Bucking straps are tightened around the bulls' bodies, sometimes even their genitals, to get them worked up, or they may be teased, kicked, or shocked with thousands of volts of electricity.

This is not how taxpayer dollars should be spent. Tell the U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service to buck their partnership with Professional Bull Riders.

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    • Sheila Mahon NY, NY
      • hace alrededor de 3 años

      This is cruel. We need to move on - humanity advances only as it becomes more humane.


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