Stand with President Obama to crack down outsourcing

Stand with President Obama to crack down outsourcing

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To get more Americans back to work, we should be encouraging businesses to stay put and grow here—not giving them a tax break for sending jobs overseas.

In his State of the Union, President Obama called for an end to tax deductions for outsourcing and proposed lower tax rates for companies who keep manufacturing jobs in the U.S.—along with making sure our trading partners abroad are playing by the rules.

Stand with the President in his call for cracking down on outsourcing and unfair trade practices.

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    • Johnny Rivera TAMPA, FL
      • hace casi 2 años

      The government could enact a tax law disallowing any services provided outside the United States as non deductible for tax purposes.

    • Lisa Harvath SUNRISE, FL
      • hace casi 2 años

      This issue is so important for America, its people, and our economic health ! The list of companies that outsource is mindboggling and it annoys me everyday ! All that tax money and potential economic stimulus leaving the US coffers and pocketbooks, and plumping up economies outside our borders makes absolutely no sense! We the people need to rise up and help our President fight this! Don't let these greedy corporations bleed us out! At at the very least TAX them for removing American jobs! Require them to replace the lost revenue that would have gone into our tax base. We will be looking at no social security, no medicare and medicaid, and IOUs for tax returns if these corporations are allowed tto continue to sell the American worker out. This country is imploding by decimating the middle class in this way. I sought out American appliances recently at Sears to support our workers and guess what.....Sears outsources customer service to India! If I had known beforehand I never would have bought it there. Just had the same aggravating situation with my perscription company. Someone please investigate the actual number of jobs being removed from our American workers and the actual cost to this economy !

      • hace alrededor de 2 años

      Please bring our jobs back!


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