No More Monuments to KKK Hate!
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No More Monuments to KKK Hate!

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      Malika Fortier with

People know Selma, Alabama as a city where Dr. King fought for civil rights. Selma was the launching point for pivotal protests that hurtled the voting rights movement into the national spotlight. It is also a city of tragedy: thousands of students, religious leaders, and families fighting for civil rights in Selma were arrested, injured, or brutally killed.

I grew up in Selma. Now, as a community organizer, I think often about the sacrifices of the people who lived here before me. I was outraged and ashamed to learn that Selma's city council is sitting idly by as a local neo-Confederate group expands a public monument to a founder of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

Monuments celebrating violent racism and intolerance have no place in this country, let alone in a city like Selma, where the families of those attacked by the Klan still live.

Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Confederate military leader, a founding member of the KKK, and the first Grand Wizard of the KKK. He wasn't even from Selma -- why should Selma be honoring his shameful legacy of racial segregation and terrorism?

If Selma wants be viewed by the rest of the country as forward-thinking, we cannot give in to those who pine for the "good ole days" of the 1860s. This monument has blighted our town for far too long. Please join me in calling on the Selma city council to remove the monument celebrating Ku Klux Klan founder Nathan Bedford Forrest.

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    1. El destinatario Cecil Williamson responde:

      Cecil Williamson

      Please take down this bogus and fraudulent petition. There are no plans to build or expand a monument to Nathan Bedford Forrest on city owed property in Selma, Alabama. The Forrest monument has been on the same site since 2001.The City n...

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    3. New York Times: Bust of Civil War General Stirs Anger in Alabama

      In Selma, Ala., a battle over what to do with a bronze bust of a contradictory and controversial Civil War general has lasted far longer than the war itself.

      The fight continued this week as about 20 protesters tried to block construction of the new monument by lying in the path of a concrete truck as crews tried to pour a ramp. Late on Thursday night, the Selma mayor, George Patrick Evans, decided to halt the work until the city attorney could review the plans. Meanwhile, an online petition at asking the City Council to ban the monument has more than 69,000 signatures.

      Read more here:

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    5. El destinatario Cecil Williamson responde:

      Cecil Williamson

      Thank you for your comments regarding the Forrest monument in Selma. Please be advised that the City of Selma is neither erecting nor expanding a monument to Forrest. Please be further advised that the United Daughters of the Confederacy...

    6. El destinatario Cecil Williamson responde:

      Cecil Williamson

      Dear Dr. Jacobs:
      What would you have government to do about this monument? Neither the monument, which has been in the cemetery for 11 years, nor the lot on which it stands belong to the city. We are open to suggestions. Would you have...

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    8. El destinatario Cecil Williamson responde:

      Cecil Williamson

      Thank you for your incisive expressions of concern regarding the monument of General Nathan Bedford Forrest (NBF) on Confederate Circle in Selma, Alabama. Had I only read the petition posted by Ms. Fortier, I would have wrongly assumed...

    9. Malika interviewed by Roland Martin on The Tom Joyner Morning Show!

      Malika Sanders-Fortier got to tell a national audience about what's happening in Selma today on the Tom Joyner Morning Show. Listen to her interview and ask your friends to sign the petition!

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    • Glencile Greenlea PIKE ROAD, AL
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      Honoring the legacy of a known KKK leader is a disgrace and blatant disrespect in 2014, after their many years of open abuse, killing and desecrating innocent people.

    • Mary Donahoe YELLOW SPRINGS, OH
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      This is important to me because I am a teacher and mother and I believe that our children deserve to be "lifted up" to a life filled with equality and justice and compassion. We must be the change we want for their future.

    • Leeden Crapper COMPTON, CA
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      i luv da kkk

    • Ronak Shah SAN DIEGO, CA
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      the KKK is STUPID

    • Robert Ambrose PHILADELPHIA, PA
      • hace alrededor de 1 mes

      The Climate of hate breeds more hate. Its time for a season of change to come to pass.


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