For Christ's Sake  Stop Sexual Abuse.... for good!
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Pope Francis, The Vatican

For Christ's Sake Stop Sexual Abuse.... for good!

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      Bishop Geoffrey Robinson

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Sexual abuse within the Catholic Church has been nothing short of an epidemic of catastrophic proportions. The devastation of victims, the ruination of priests and religious, the damage to a major world religion and its faithful are horrendous and incalculable.

Australian Bishops - Geoffrey Robinson, Bill Morris and Pat Power call on the new Pope to seize the opportunity of his appointment to not only sweep the Church clean but to put His /God’s house in order for all time.


Bishop Robinson identifies three major tasks to be performed in eradicating sexual abuse from the Church: identifying and removing all offenders; reaching out to, and assisting, all victims and survivors; and identifying and overcoming the causes of both abuse and the poor response to abuse by the Church’s hierarchy. The Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse is investigating the first two of these tasks however it does not have the scope or power to make the changes necessary to ensure that systemic sexual abuse NEVER happens again in the Catholic Church.

Bishops Robinson has considerable expertise, having been involved in these first two fields for eighteen years. He and Bishops Morris and Power firmly believe there is a desperate need to address the third element: preventing abuse from happening in the first place . . . for good! He is calling for nothing less than a Council of the whole Church, inclusive of the laity, to confront the issues that contribute to the causes of systemic sexual abuse.

There are many people and many groups around the world seeking change in the Catholic Church. Though they may have slightly different emphases, there are a number of changes, common to all groups. These groups are calling out for:-
1) Greater Inclusiveness – a Church that is as much for women as for men, for laypeople as for clergy, for the marginalised as for those in the mainstream.
2) Greater Openness – if there are scandals, it is better to bring them into the light and confront them rather than seek to conceal them.
3) Greater Participation – not taking away the power of the Pope, but asking for greater participation and consultation, so that the whole Church may have a more active role in the mission of the Church.
4) Greater Sense of Mission – a greater concentration on the person and mission of Jesus Christ rather than on authority, laws, obedience and theological conformity.

Bishops Robinson, Morris and Power believe it’s time to unite as one voice that the Vatican can no longer ignore.

This global petition will give Catholics a collective voice. It will let the new Pope know the intensity and solidarity we feel in relation to the sexual abuse issue. It will show him that the whole Church wants to help him, to work with him on this issue of paramount importance. We want the new Pope to lead the Church into a future he and all Catholics yearn for -  and the world needs.

By signing this petition you are assisting every Catholic group calling for change. You are helping to create something very special: - the voice of the faithful. You will be helping to create a church for the future, free of sexual abuse, full of participation and inclusiveness–, a Church where loving God, through Jesus Christ makes us proud and full of the Holy Spirit. This is the voice we want the Vatican to hear. 

So if you are Catholic and believe that it’s time for the Church to listen to its people; if you’re a Catholic who wants to stamp out sexual abuse from ever occurring again please sign this petition.

For Christ’s and our Church’s sake encourage your family, friends and fellow parishioners to do the same. Together, as Catholics we can make a change.
For more details on Bishop Geoffrey Robinson’s action plan to end sexual abuse¬- for good, read his latest book, For Christ Sake: End Sexual Abuse in the Catholic Church…for good.


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    2. Signed Paper Petitions

      We have a number of signatures on the paper form of the petition. As at 19 August 2013 we have received 1545 signatures on paper.

      To download a paper form go to and click on the 'Resoures' tab.

      The paper form is a great way to gather signatures at events or in your parish. The return address is included on the forms.

    3. United Nations Asks Vatican for Facts

      The United Nations has asked the Vatican to provide details of thousands of cases of child abuse committed by members of the Catholic clergy.

      The request by the committee, which governs the UN Convention of the Rights of the Child, comes six months ahead of Vatican representatives appearing before the UN body.

      The Holy See has been asked to answer a range of questions, many of them linked to the epidemic of child sex abuse within the Church, the BBC reports.

      The request for details of all abuse committed by priests, nuns and brothers over several years is accompanied by queries about support for victims and any incidents where complainants were silenced.
      Shortly after becoming its leader earlier this year,

      Pope Francis said that cracking down on sex abuse was vital for the Church's credibility

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    5. Public Forum and book launch Melbourne 26 June

      Bishop Robinson will be in Melbourne to address a public forum and book launch being hosted by the publisher of his book: 'For Christ's Sake End Sexual Abuse for Good'

      The event is to be held at the Veneto Club in Bulleen, commencing at 8:00 pm. Entry is free There is an option to purchase a ticket for dinner which is available at 6:30pm.

      For more information contact garratt Publishing or visit

      This is a great opportunity to hear Bishop Robinson express his views on this most important issue!

      Keep informed!

      To keep informed of issues as they unfold and access resources to help spread and word, download printable forms and posters and tools to promote the petition visit:

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    7. Media launch of Petition to take place in Sydney

      Cardinal Pell and Archbishop Hart have featured prominently in the media recently.

      The two Australian Church leaders have apologised to victims and have stated they will do what they can to rectify. Cardinal Pell said, "I'm certainly totally committed to improving the situation. I know the Holy Father is too." He also said in an interview to 'The Australian' that he does not support a another council like Vatican II to address the issue of sexual abuse.

      Here is the problem as Bishop Robinson sees it. Our church leaders will pay lip service to this issue but not tackle the real causes as outlined in the petition. A Vatican II style council, inclusive of lay people, is the only real way that change can take place.

      On 4 June a media conference is scheduled and we hope that the Australian press will attend in numbers.

      Please continue to spread the word and show that as Catholics we want action!

      Tony Biviano
      For Bishops Robinson, Morris and Power

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    9. Bishop Pat Power adds his name to the petition

      Bishop Pat Power has added his support to the petition:

      Bishop Power has said in the past that the church has "retreated from the promising outcomes" of the Second Vatican Council. In a 2010 article, he said that issues such as priestly celibacy, church teaching on sexuality and the role of women in the church must be discussed with Catholic lay people.
      He has often expressed support for the ordination of married men.

      His early resignation, at age 70, as auxiliary bishop of Canberra and Goulburn was effective from 7 June 2012. He stated that the Vatican's "inability to listen" and the problems of clergy sex abuse and the shortage of priests are the "most vexing issues" facing the church
      source wikipedia

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    • Peter Lanzon AUSTRALIA
      • hace alrededor de 2 horas

      I am a practicing Catholic and fully support all efforts to eradicate the systemic cause of all kinds of sexual and other abuse. God bless and support us all in this endeavour.

    • Claudia Reynolds SHOALWATER, AUSTRALIA
      • hace 2 días

      It's about time the Catholic Church dealt with the problem of sexual abuse. I am a Christian but not a Catholic but I do agree that they should be united and confront the issues to prevent it ever happening again.

    • rod and cath hay AUSTRALIA
      • hace 5 días

      criminal and against gods law

    • irena mangone SPRINGFIELD, AUSTRALIA
      • hace 6 días

      Because too many people have been hurt. And good priests tarred with the same brush too many bishops have hidden this problem and still the whole sorry story has not been told. It must be stopped once and for all. Cleaned out lance the boil clean out the Aegean stables.

    • Jess Hartcher AUSTRALIA
      • hace 7 días

      why isn't it important to everyone?!


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