Microsoft, PLEASE ADD A START MENU OPTION to Windows 8
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Microsoft, PLEASE ADD A START MENU OPTION to Windows 8

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      Eric Gibbons

      Bordentown, NJ

Though the now fired Steven Sinofsky battled for the removal of the Start Menu and won, Microsoft is the real big looser! The removal of the traditional Start Menu is the ONE thing that holds me and so many others back from buying into the new system. You tell us to pin our programs to the new splash screen, but without that Start Menu it’s damn difficult to find them.

The only option now is to install a free or purchased app from a non-Microsoft entity to make our computers work the way WE WANT. Why are you guys are so bull-headed to not even offer customers the OPTION of a Microsoft Start Menu. It speaks to a company so full of itself and out of touch with consumers that it has likely deserved the cool reception Windows 8 has garnered.

Give us our Start Menu back, please!

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      • hace 2 meses

      The new windows 8 is not user friendly. This was too bold of a transition to begin with, but to remove the start button was a horrible choice. Both my family and I have had many issues that keeping the start button would have solved. The 8.1 update with the addition of the windows button was no help either. I doubt offices at microsoft are using this to run their business.

    • William Muhu NEW YORK, NY
      • hace 5 meses

      The "Modern" UI is simply awful. Please, Microsoft, bring the Start Menu back. It is much faster than the Start Screen.

    • DJ Deedahx NEW YORK, NY
      • hace 5 meses

      I have always loved Windows 7 and its beautiful Start menu. But when Microsoft removed the Start menu, everything became messed up.

      I know many people left Windows to use OS X, Linux, or some other OS because of that. We don't want Windows losing its popularity because of that. Adding a Start screen to Windows is fine, AS LONG AS it has the option for the traditional Start menu!

      We have the right to want our Start menu back.

      We have the right to customize Windows the way WE WANT IT TO BE.

      Not the way Microsoft wants it to be.

    • Jeremy Gress DALLAS, GA
      • hace 6 meses

      I HATE the new Win 8 UI. HATE HATE HATE it!

    • Vanessa Towers DERBY, GRAN BRETAñA (REINO UNIDO)
      • hace 6 meses

      We (family of four including two teenaged sons) are frustrated by the Metro experience. The Metro start screen is not easy on the eye as there is n list, you have to search left and right and scan the whole screen. Even then you cannot see all of your programmes, for that we have to perform a hit-and-miss mouse swipe menouvre to get the charms, from there the search, and even then we don't like the lay out of the list and not all of the functions are there. Plus that has taken s two months to find! We, yes, including the teenagers who live on the computers, want our computers to behave like - well - computers, not like tablets. Thank you. At least a traditional start menu would help go towards finding the lost logic and will make our lives easier.


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