Help fight climate change with a more walkable D.C.
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Help fight climate change with a more walkable D.C.

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      Coalition for Smarter Growth

D.C.’s zoning code dates all the way back to the 1950s. That means our zoning code has outdated rules that outlaw traditional, walkable neighborhoods forms, require more parking than residents need, and prohibit new neighborhood serving corner stores. This forces more driving, harms transit service, and drives up the price on Metro-accessible housing.

With 27 percent of the USA’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from the transportation sector it’s time we prioritize a zoning update that puts transit options within reach for more people and helps people of all income levels continue to live in a walkable, inclusive D.C.

Fortunately, the city is working to finalize a progressive update to the zoning code this year. You can help to make that a reality by joining with thousands of your neighbors and signing our petition for a smart growth, progressive update to D.C.’s zoning code.

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    • Bruce Points WASHINGTON, DC
      • hace 12 meses

      I really hope this petition supports all residents of all wards in D.C. especially the areas where a majority of transportation issues exist. It would benefit all residents to have the option of walking to public transportation as opposed to busing.


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