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Appear on WWE Raw

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      Rob George

      Norfolk, VA

The WWE is offering Glenn Beck an opportunity to confront what he deems an offensive character. He calls the people at the WWE "stupid wrestling people."

Glenn Beck says: "Unfortunately I am currently booked doing anything else" so he refuses to appear on what is a promised 5 minutes of free time for him to explain himself. That's a mistake.

WWE's Monday Night RAW is watched by millions of people. If Glenn Beck is really offended, why doesn't be take advantage of this?

It doesn't matter if you're conservative or liberal or whatever your beliefs are, WWE is fun and there's nothing to lose!

You can be a fan of Glenn Beck or hate him. You can be a fan of WWE or hate it. But everyone who signs thinks it's it will be an event worth watching if Glenn Beck goes on WWE!

Sign if you agree!

Glenn Beck
Appear on WWE Raw. If you have an opinion go on RAW and tell people about it! What is there to lose?

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    • donna rayburn VIRGINIA BEACH, VA
      • hace más de 1 año

      I would watch.

    • Jon Camp TAKOMA PARK, MD
      • hace más de 1 año

      Because Glenn Beck is my Lord and Saviour.

    • Logan Randall BUTTE, MT
      • hace más de 1 año

      Glenn Beck has insulted the wrestling community by inferring that we are a group of idiotic, stupid fans. It is hypocritical and stereotypical, especially since Beck has called Swagger's gimmick stereotypical. He needs to be on RAW to explain himself to the fans.


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