EU Commission: Ban the sale of Shark Fin products.
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EU Commissioner for Trade
Karel De Gucht
EU Commissioner for the Environment
Janez Potočnik
EU Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries
Maria Damanaki
President of the European Commission
José Manuel Barroso (President of the European Commission)

EU Commission: Ban the sale of Shark Fin products.

    1. Gareth Herd
    2. Petición creada por

      Gareth Herd

      Rugby, Gran Bretaña (Reino Unido)

It is time that we regard Shark Fin in the same way that we regard Rhino horn, Ivory, Tiger penis and Gorilla hands.

Globally shark populations are being decimated with the appetite for shark fin soup and the false belief that shark fin is helpful in combating disease in certain parts of the world. 
The EU recently tightened restrictions on EU fisheries effectively closing a loophole on finning within the EU. This was a welcome and commendable action that is of benefit to sharks within EU waters, however further action can improve the EU stance on shark protection and help make the EU fin free.

By introducing a ban on the commercial sale of shark fin products, the EU will strengthen its message to the world that the practise of shark finning is abhorrent and is critically damaging shark populations around the world.
By implementing this change within the EU, pressure can therefore be brought internationally to further protect sharks around the world and make the EU a world leader in shark protection and conservation.
This is not just an animal rights issue, this is about participating in preventing sharks disappearing forever. It is difficult enough to protect critically endangered wildlife on land, it is far more difficult in the vast unregulated oceans of the world.

Shark fin soup, the number 1 shark killer, where the fin adds only texture to a dish flavoured by chicken. Fin medicines scientifically proven to have no medical benefit. We must back up the new fishery regulations on shark finning with new trade regulations and declare the EU a fin free zone to the world.

We therefore respectfully request that the EU commission considers and proposes a ban on the sale of shark fin products within its territories for a fin free EU.

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    2. 1000 signs

      Gareth Herd
      Organizador de la petición

      Huge thanks to all those who have taken the time to sign this petition.
      I think its important to mention that the relevant people to whom this petition is addressed will actually receive it. Also please remember this public petition is in support of a private petition raised with the EU commissioners through their official protocols. Its important to show strength of feeling, particularly with all the recent good news regarding various airlines and nations banning or moving to ban shark fin. The aim of this petition is achievable BUT it requires EVERY person who cares about sharks to spend a moment to sign it and then to SHARE it. It does not matter if you do not live in Europe- you can still help make a huge population of nations here within the EU fin free. I firmly believe shark fin belongs in the same category as Ivory and Rhino horn - illegal products from endangered species. Once again please spend a moment to re-share and make a statement on how you feel about shark conservation

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    4. Shark Protectors

      Gareth Herd
      Organizador de la petición

      Once again many thanks to all those people that have signed and shared this petition. It is still very early days and it is ticking along at a steady rate. However I believe we can do much better than this togethor, so I ask you all if you find you have some spare moments then please consider re-sharing this petition to your friends, family and followers.
      This petition is not just aimed at EU citizens, it is important that people globally join in here.
      I was considering that the 'shark community' could have regular events, particularly on twitter, shark sunday #sharksu where this and other shark related conservation campaigns can be promoted, and where many people can participate making a much louder voice for the sharks?
      I would like to thank all of the shark groups on social media, Facebook and Twitter that I have had contact with who have supported this so far.

      I have edited the description of the petition and will shortly edit the petition letter. Please stay tuned for updates.

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    6. Friends of Sharks

      Gareth Herd
      Organizador de la petición

      Many thanks to those who have supported this new petition so far.
      I know it is easy to become weary of yet another petition or question their success. It is important to know that the EU commission will become aware of this petition and that it is a SUPPORTING action as the EU commission have been petitioned through their official protocol to consider this very issue.
      I don't think many people realise the huge importance of sharks within the ocean ecosystem or that shark fin products are on sale within the EU. The fact is that there are many restaurants selling fin soup and many ethnic traditional medicine stores selling shark fin.
      We can be pleased the EU recently tightened regulations regarding EU fisheries for finning BUT to really aim for a fin free EU we must have a ban on shark fin products to supplement the fisheries regulations.
      Thank you once again, I really hope you can help me spread this petition far and wide and encourage others to do so. #finfreeEU #savesharks

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    • Lotta Lindsjö HJäRUP, SUECIA
      • hace 19 días

      for the future.

    • Veronica Montoya WOODLAND, CA
      • hace 19 días

      stop the killing

      • hace 20 días

      Animal welfare has always been important to me. I take in many animals every year that have been mistreated, abused or abandoned, and I have some true horror stories that go alongside them. I find it deeply disturbing that people can in anyway harm another living creature for a meaningless gain! Stop all forms of animal cruelty! NOW!

    • Annie Castillo MIAMI, FL
      • hace 21 días

      It's inhumane and not necessary to kill these beautiful creatures for food. They are not meant for food ! It's pathetic how some people actually think that.

    • karen obrien HERNE BAY, GRAN BRETAñA (REINO UNIDO)
      • hace 24 días

      this is cruel and needs to stop all animal cruelty, profiteering from this horrific trade should be a life sentence!!!!!!


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