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EA Sports: Include Women Players in your Soccer Games

    1. Rebekah Araujo
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      Rebekah Araujo

      Highland, MD

I live for soccer.  I play striker year round with my all girls team, the Jaguars, and this past fall of 2012 we were undefeated champs.  But when I'm not on the soccer field, I love playing soccer video games and EA Sports FIFA is my favorite.  

Currently EA Sports FIFA is available in 51 countries, 18 languages, and is one of the world's best selling video games.  But even in 2013, you still cannot play with women soccer players.  

Soccer is one of the world's most popular sports, for both men and women.  Women have had an important role in the game.  In fact, the US National women's soccer team alone has won two World Cups and four Olympic Gold Medals including an Olympic Gold in this past summer's games in London.  

As someone who looks up to the sport, it's frustrating and disappointing to not be able to play EA FIFA with a female soccer player like me.  I want to be able to see some of my favorite soccer role models, like the five time FIFA Women's World Player of the Year Marta and the 2012 Player of the Year Abby Wambach,  represented in the game and I think it's time that EA FIFA introduced women players.


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    • Loren Davis CORVALLIS, OR
      • hace 6 meses

      The women’s side of the game is fun, it’s interesting, it puts a different spin on things from the men’s game (for example, Japan and the U.S. are powerhouses), and in addition to bringing attention to athletes who deserve it, I think it would add a lot of replayability to the game.

    • bowen roberts WINSTED, CT
      • hace 7 meses

      w/o doubt

    • peter Bartausky VANCOUVER, WA
      • hace 7 meses

      It just makes sense!

    • Amy Love APTOS, CA
      • hace 7 meses

      Boys and girls, men and women, should be able to see life imitated in art. Women's soccer is a beautiful game with outstanding athletes. EA, your customers already imagine Hope Solo on the same team as Landon Donovan - why not make it happen!

    • Allen Nino PORTLAND, OR
      • hace 9 meses

      I love American football and Futbol but I really became inspired by the women's league WPS which no longer exists, a player I feel would deserve to be in the women's game is Tasha Kai, a gifted player in my opinion, among others. I would love to see the women's league have their own video game or at least be represented currently, it would definitely encourage me to buy a FIFA game for the first time since the women's futbol league is the only sport i watch consistently (I only watch my favorite teams in American football and [men's] Futbol).


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