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Chairperson, National Human Rights Commission of India
Hon'ble Justice Shri K.G. Balakrishnan
Chief Minister of Odisha, India
Mr. Naveen Patnaik
District Collector, Jagatsinghpur
Mr. S.K. Mallick
Superintendent of Police
Mr. Debadutta Singh
Minister of Tribal Affairs, Government of India
Shri. V.Kishore Chandra Deo
Minister of Environment & Forests, Government of India
Smt. Jayanthi Natarajan

CM Odisha: Stop diversion of forest land & use of police force against residents #peoplevsposco

    1. Prashant Paikray
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      Prashant Paikray


For more than seven years, the people of three panchayats in Odisha, India have successfully fought off attempts by the Korean Steel conglomerate POSCO and the government to forcibly acquire their land. At 4AM on 3rd February 2013 in a dramatic turn of events, 12 platoons of police entered villages, Dhinkia and Govindpur and attacked the villagers ruthlessly. On entering, they attacked women and children first. At least six women and elderly people were seriously injured and 50 were detained by the police. 

Around 4000 families who will be affected by the project do not want their home and livelihood sources to be ceded for construction of the integrated  steel plant. The Gram Sabhas-Assembly of elders in the village/Panchayat, of the concerned villages have time and again reiterated their opposition to any land acquisition of their land. Despite overwhelming evidence of the illegalities and unconstitutionality in acquiring land against the people's consent, the Jagatsinghpur District Collector SK Mallick made a public statement to the media on 28th December 2012 to resume the acquisition. The District Collector of Jagatsinghpur categorically stated- “The state government has decided to start activities from tomorrow. We have already taken the consent of local residents for starting the work.”

The District Collector has no evidence to support his statement: The Collector’s statement is factually incorrect and misrepresents the voices of the most vulnerable people caught in the situation - the affected families.  

Under the Forest Rights Act 2006, there can be no diversion of forest land without recognition of forest rights and without obtaining the informed consent of the Gram Sabhas of the concerned villages. Any diversion that does not comply would be a violation of the law. The National Green Tribunal (NGT) also has suspended the environmental clearance granted to the project on 30th March 2012. It is therefore illegal on part of the state government to announce the resumption of ‘activities’. It is no longer a democracy where the elected government overlooks people's rights to their ancestral land and the safety of the environment in order to show undue favor to a corporate entity.

The State Police has already lodged 230 false cases against the people  and put six villagers namely Bibhuna Mahapatra, Alok Swain, Tumana Das of  Dhinkia village and Achyut Das, Nivaran Das of Patana village and Babuli Rout of Govindpur village in the jail.

From the midnight of 9th January 2013 onwards, the government has deployed 10 platoons of police deployed near these villages. The government is also bringing another 8 platoons of police force to this area. To prevent possible police operations in these villages, the villagers have erected barricades, disconnected the roads to Dhinkia and Govindpur and are determined to thwart any entry of outsiders. Both men and women are keeping a strict 24 x 7 vigil.

Democracy and our right to dissent and protest are being brutally assaulted by the so called democratic government of the state. As opposed to the government's backhanded tactics, the people's movement has been determined, non-violent and democratic. False propaganda, intimidation, false cases and threats of forcible eviction have not demoralized our people and we are doubly determined to take the struggle to its logical end.  

Please join us in calling on Shri. Naveen Patnaik, Chief Minister of Odisha to withdraw the heavy deployment of police in our area and stop the diversion of forest land. Demand that the people be given the right to land.

In Solidarity,

Prashant Paikary

Spokesperson, POSCO Pratirodh Sangram Samiti

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    1. Video Volunteers Releases Documentary "The People Vs. POSCO"

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      Video Volunteers has released a film in which the people themselves articulate how a currently thriving economy dependent on betel cultivation, fisheries, paddy, rice and cashew farming etc. will be degraded by the project. Residents of the area express dismay at the failure of the Government of Odisha and POSCO to meet their obligations to safeguard and respect the human rights of the people who will be affected by this project. Watch here: http://youtu.be/1uCv2fJKbFQ

    2. UN Experts Urge POSCO project to be halted

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      A group of eight United Nations independent human rights experts issued a statement earlier in October asking for the project to be halted until adequate safeguards are ensured and rights of the people are guaranteed. The film reinforces these findings. Read the full recommendations here: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/NewsEvents/Pages/DisplayNews.aspx?NewsID=13805&LangID=E

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    4. Update May 13th: Abhay Sahoo Arrested

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      Abhay Sahoo , the leader of the anti-POSCO movement was arrested on 11th May from Bhubaneshwar airport under false charges in a case relating to the death of three people in a bomb blast. However, those who died were members of the anti-POSCO movement and the bomb was hurled by pro-POSCO elements. Since his arrest, the movement has grown stronger and people have been gathering in hundreds to stop forceful land acquisition.

      You can watch a statement made by Abhay Sahoo before his arrest here: http://youtu.be/Ntz17p7LjYg

    5. Update April '13: Testimonies of State led rights violations being collated

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      Keeping in mind the systematic use of force and coercion in an attempt to silence the anti POSCO movement in Odhisa, more and more citizens are stepping forward to give testimony to these acts of violence, physical and otherwise. We will share these testimonies with you regularly so that you may be better equipped to raise your voice in support of the people of Dhinkia panchayat.

      Watch these today:

      The People Vs. POSCO

      Dhinkia and Govindpur villages in Jagatsinghpur district Odisha have been caught up in a struggle with the South Korean steel company POSCO for 7 years now. These videos bring to you the voices from the ground and why the people are so opposed to the construction of the steel plant in the area.

    6. Update April '13: Mass opposition to police & POSCO in Govindpur

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      On 3rd April, 1500 people including men and women from all the corners of Odisha gathered to show their solidarity to the anti posco movement. They covered the distance from Dhinkia to Govindpur in a huge rally, exhibiting various banners of different political parties and shouting slogans to scrap the POSCO project and withdraw police battalions stationed there. A colourful, musical and dancing group from ‘Chasi Mulia Adivasi Sangha’ from Koraput led the rally with their traditional dance and music.All the people spent the night in front of the police camp and sang songs of resistance throughout. Leaders across party lines condemned the State's ruthless attempts to quell the non violent movement against POSCO.

    7. Update March 2nd '13: State terror kills 2 PPSS activists in bomb blast

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      On March 2nd, in the presence of nearly 6 platoons of police , bombs were hurled at around 6:30 pm on a meeting room of Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti, at Patna Village, Dhinkia, Jagatsinghpur, killing Manas Jena – Age 32 died on the spot. Two others Nabanu Mandal – 35 and Narahari Sahoo – 52 succumbed to their injuries, since police didn't respond to their call for ambulances on time. Mr. Laxman Paramanik was critically injured and is undergoing treatment at the moment.
      Terror tactics of the state will not deter the spirit of resistance. It is disturbing that rather than taking action against the company sponsored goons, who have attacked in past too, the district administration has been spreading rumors that the people died while making bombs. The history of Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti shows that the movement has been non-violent and peaceful even in face of extreme aggression from state forces over the years.

    8. Update 7th Feb: Government Halts Land Acquisition in Jagatsinghpur

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      The government of Odisha has temporarily halted the land acquisition drive in Dhinkia Panchayat however there are still 2 platoons of police present. We urge the supporters to keep the pressure on the government to ensure that there is no further attempt to forcefully evict people from their lands. In the past, police have retracted forces from the villages when there is national and international pressure but later resumed the land grabbing drive.
      The human rights defenders from Jagatsingpur who have been arrested and charged with false cases continue to be in prison or fear being arrested.
      Human Rights Activist Debendra Swain, who was arrested during 3rd February’s police attack has been taken to Kujang prison.We would urge you to call the Deputy General of Police, Odisha, Prakash Mishra on 0671-2304834 and pressurise him to release Debendra Swain. Also ask him to drop the false charges filed against the other 230 individuals and several leaders of the anti- POSCO movement.

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    10. Update: 7.30pm , 3rd Feb. PPSS activist arrested from Dhinkia

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      12 platoons of police forcefully entered Dhikia Panchayat at 4 am this morning and arrested 50 people who were later released. There is no official statement on why these people were arrested. PPSS activist and Video Volunteers community correspondent Debendra, has been arrested on the pretext of false charges that have been filed against many Anti POSCO activists over the past few years.
      Debendra is actively involved in the anti POSCO movement in Dhinkia and the arrest is an attempt to silence protests against POSCO.

      He has been taken to Abhayachandrapur police station in Jagatsinghpur district. We urge you to call Inspector In Charge, Abhayachandrapur, Mr.Gupteswar-09437268487 and Superintendent of Police, Jagatsinghpur, Mr. Debadutta- 09437575759 and ask them to release him immediately and withdraw the police forces from Dhinkia Panchayat.

    11. UPDATE: 3rd February 2013, Police Enter and Attack Dhinkia and Govindpur

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      At 4AM on 3rd February 2013 12 platoons of police have entered our villages, Dhinkia and Govindpur. They have beaten up women and children as well as arrested some of our villagers, including Video Volunteers Community Correspondent Debendra Swain. At the moment we do not have exact numbers. Gradually women, children and men started collecting at the Dharana (protest) site. At present, 5,000 villagers have gathered to protest.
      On entering the villages, the police attacked the women and children first. The male police have ruthlessly beaten our women who were part of a human chain. At least three women and an elderly person have been severely injured. They cannot get to the hospital.
      The police have started breaking our betel vine plantations and cutting trees forcefully which are our main source of income. As the situation gets increasingly alarming, we appeal all our friends to protest against the barbarism and call/write/fax to the below mentioned authorities.

    12. Contact the Following Authorities and Pressurise Them:

      Prashant Paikray
      Organizador de la petición

      Naveen Patnaik
      Chief Minister, Odisha
      Tel. No.(O) 011 91 674 2531100,011 91 674 2535100,
      011 91 674 2531500, Epbax 2163
      Tel. No.(R) 011 91 674 2590299, 011 91 674 2591099,
      011 91 674 2590844, 011 91 674 2591100,
      Fax No- (91)6742535100
      E Mail: cmo@ori.nic.in

      Muralidhar Chandrakanta Bhanadare,
      Governor of Odisha, Fax
      No- (91)6742536582
      S.K. Mallick
      District Collector, Jagatsinghpur,
      Contact number- 09437038401
      Fax no - : (91)6724220299

      Satyabrata Bhoi
      SP Jagatsinghpur
      Cell number: 09437575759
      office numbers: 0624- 220115, 220370(F)
      Residence number: 220015

      Shri B K Patnaik,
      Chief Secretary,
      E-mail: csori@ori.nic.<csori@ori.nic.in>
      Phone no - 0674 - 2536700
      0674 - 2534300
      0674 - 2322196
      Fax No - 0674 - 2536660

      Dr Manmohan Singh,
      Prime Minister of India
      Tel no- +9111-23016857
      e mail: manmohan@sansad.in

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    14. over 3,000 children, college students and women joined a sit-in, Balitikira

      tania devaiah
      Organizador de la petición

      People participated in a rally and a mass dharana which was addressed by different political leaders. The dharna formally began with the announcement by Probodh Panda CPI, MP from West Bengal. These villagers will continue their protest until the administration withdraws it plans for unlawful land acquisition.
      The government for ‘mysterious reasons’ had been desperately trying to acquire our lands and throw the villagers out of the place before February when the Central government is due to brings the new land acquisition Bill in Parliament. "The new Bill mandates consent of at least 80 per cent people of a village before acquisition of their lands. At present, the state government has violated all laws and gone ahead to dispossess us of our sources of livelihood, which we have been opposing.
      At this juncture, we are making a call to all the leaders cutting across party lines, intellectuals, public spirited citizens to visit our area and express the solidarity with our people.


      • hace 5 meses

      One of the projects I fundraise for is for a fishing cooperative in Odisha - they have seen huge declines in fish catches in recent years, with the government allowing dredging out to sea that disturbs the fish. No consultation of, or care for, local people is outrageous - particularly when practiced by a government!

    • rebecca beeby WOLLONGONG, AUSTRALIA
      • hace 5 meses

      the earth needs our help, obviously these people could use it too. It's the wrath of the wicked, it needs to stop, when will it stop?

      • hace 5 meses


      • hace 5 meses

      Live and Let Live !!

      Please Leave the poor people alone, all they have is their land, corporate greed is gobbling up the whole earth. Show some mercy and behave like a human being not like an ......

    • Abhijeet Kumar KHARAGPUR
      • hace 5 meses

      saving people from misery


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