Bring Shouka and Kiska together in Canada!
  • Petición dirigida a: Marineland Ontario, Canada, Six Flags, Vallejo, California,

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Marineland Ontario, Canada, Six Flags, Vallejo, California,

Bring Shouka and Kiska together in Canada!

    1. Kelsey Jackson
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      Kelsey Jackson

      Port Stanley, Canadá

In the United States it is illegal for an orca to be in a marinepark without a companion. Shouka, a 19-year-old female orca has been without a companion for over 6 months. Another female orca, 34-year-old Kiska is in the same situation in Ontario, Canada. Her companion was taken away from her by Sea World over a custody battle in fall 2011. Both orcas would be suitable companions for each other and putting them together would solve both their isolation problems. This petition is to get Marineland France to transfer the loan agreement for over to Marineland Canada, where Shouka will have a companion of her own kind and more room to swim than her back tanks at Six Flags. This will also give Kiska a companion. Orcas are VERY social creatures, even in captivity and hate being alone. Both these orcas can (if not already) suffer from health problems due to being isolated, such as stress, ulcers, depression and can even lead to death. There is no way for these two orcas to be released into the wild, but at least let them have each other for companionship.

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    • Dimitri Seemungal WHITBY, CANADá
      • hace alrededor de 2 años

      I dont want these ladies alone for the rest of their lives

    • Kelsey Jackson PORT STANLEY, CANADá
      • hace alrededor de 2 años

      These two orca's cannot be set "free". Shouka was born in Captivity in France, and Kiska is too old and has known Captivity for too long. The next best thing is for these two females to be together and not live the rest of their lives alone.

      • hace alrededor de 2 años

      Close all marine parks, set as many orcas free as possible and send the rest of them to sanctuaries. There's no fun watching these beautiful creatures suffering under such unacceptable living conditions - it's just a proof for human stupidity and ignorance!

      Stop this greedy people making money out of their suffer!


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