Restore federal parole, abolish mandatory minimums & add apprenticeships
  • Petitioned United States Sentencing Commission, President Barack Obama

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United States Sentencing Commission, President Barack Obama

Restore federal parole, abolish mandatory minimums & add apprenticeships

    1. Leonard Love
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      Leonard Love

      Beaumont, United States

My name is Leonard Love.I am a federal inmate, prison advocate and first time offender. I am also a mentor and creator of social programs beneficial to inmates and At-risk Teens.
Please sign my Petition and help me reach 10,000 signatures for the following reasons:

The United States only makes up 5% of the worlds population, yet makes up over 25% of the worlds total prison population. There are over 5000 jails and prisons which cost tax payers over 65 Billion a yr. With President Obama winning his second term, he is more than ever pushing for change in America."NOW" is the time the United States follows the Presidents Vision! The Criminal Justice system as a whole is interested in the rehabilitation of offenders and has developed a myriad of programs such as Mentorships, Re-Entry programs, Employment training, Drug Treatment and Community support systems, which have all been refined and modified to ensure that a "Continuum of care" exist in order to safeguard our communities and to combat recidivism.

Therefore I'm taking this unique opportunity to request your much needed signature for the passing of this petition. A petition for implementing the return of parole in the federal prison system,abolishment of mandatory minimums for first time offenders and non-violent criminals and more skilled trade Apprenticeship programs in all state and federal prisons! The Time is "Now" to fix the unjust and Broken prison system of America.

Read more about me at and you can contact me at

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    • M Jones SOME COOL CITY!, AP
      • 6 months ago

      What if we released all non violent prisoners with a friend of the city hall, libraries, schools, park and main street job instead of making society babysit a human treated like a DOG?

    • Christine Estrada BOSTON, MA
      • 7 months ago

      This is very important , but it's concerning. When it's the FEDS who set up first time offenders, occasionally youn students no priors high honor students, Broken prison system it starts from the core, GOD needs to be implemented, trust, morals values, our country is falling apart, I wish you the best..

    • Shawnise Beatty MALDEN, MA
      • 7 months ago

      LETS MAKE A CHANGE! Sign it

    • Lisa Killian SANDY, UT
      • 7 months ago

      Mandatory Minimum sentencing seems to be an unjust way of exercising our judicial system. How can a judge properly impose a sentence if it doesn't fit the committed crime? I also agree that the more programs that are created to help the criminal keep his life on track the better taxpayers money is spent. As it is we not only pay for the housing of criminals we also pay many, many salaries to too many prison employees.

    • ERin Panepucci ELGIN, IL
      • 7 months ago

      people make mistakes and deserve a second chance.

      More time does not reduce crime. need to spend money on programs to help instead


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