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Towson University: Ban the White Student Union

    1. Bobby Libby
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      Bobby Libby

      North Bethesda, MD

IMPORTANT UPDATE 3/27: Everybody please read: "A message to campus from Student Affairs and University Police" If you see any media refer to "Towson University's White Student Union", please e-mail the editors a link to that message and politely insist they make clear the group is not a real recognized group in the University. Together we can help repair any potential damage to the University's reputation.

UPDATE 3/25: Another piece of distressing news regarding this group: White Student Union at Towson University will conduct night-time patrols. Given the group's mission and beliefs, the potential for vigilante justice is alarmingly high. I'm incredibly worried for a Trayvon Martin-like incident striking what is normally a safe, welcoming, and diverse campus.

UPDATE 3/21: This Petition was originally to ban the White Student Union and expel the two individuals quoted across various media saying blatantly racist and hateful statements. Upon further reflection, while these individuals are clearly repugnant, their offenses don't merit expulsion. However, it is still vitally necessary that Towson unequivocally disavow the group and make clear to these individuals that they can not claim any link to or sanction from the University beyond their being students. Towson must forcefully come out and distance themselves from this group and this thinking, and no longer allow them to claim the White Student Union as any kind of legitimate group recognized by Towson.

As seen in this horrifying video: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/03/18/white-student-union-cpac_n_2897609.html the White Student Union is an openly hateful and ignorant group that has no business affiliating itself with any institution of learning. Towson University alumni, students, staff, and faculty should be incredibly concerned with how these individuals reflect on the University community as a whole, which is mostly comprised of model academics and citizens. The reputation of our alma mater, degrees, and/or employer is tied to how these students conduct themselves in the national spotlight while openly affiliating themselves with Towson. They do not represent the views of the current student body, the alumni community, nor the faculty and staff of the institution, and in fact preach a worldview openly hostile to what an institution of learning represents: critical thinking and an open-mindedness for diverse communities and viewpoints. The organization must be banned from meeting on the Towson campus and affiliating themselves with the University in any way, and the students who advocate for segregation and react dismissively to the plight of slavery and the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, while representing Towson in the national spotlight, should not claim any link to the University.

Additional press for the CPAC incident in question:






Towson University
Ban the White Student Union and expel Scott Terry and Matthew Heimbach

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    • Christopher Roscher CRAWFORDSVILLE, IN
      • over 1 year ago

      If the Deans of the University can't/won't expel this kid before Graduation, then Towson simply doesn't have much of a 'Reputation' to uphold.

    • Daniel Kleinman BALTIMORE, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      The highly-respected SPLC has designated the White Student Union a hate group, and they should not be allowed to cultivate their philosophy of hate at a educational institution.

    • Cody Drinkwater WHITE HALL, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      I used to go to Towson University and I don't want my almer malter to be filled with groups like this. I don't want the students to have to live in fear. It isn't right.

    • Jacob Hutton WHITE HALL, MD
      • over 1 year ago

      I live near Towson, it is appalling they receive recognition and support from the school. The group is welcome to its free speech, but Towson needs to stop showings its support by recognizing the group as a campus organization and giving it resources.

    • Felix Liriano YONKERS, NY
      • over 1 year ago

      These clear instances of bigotry must not be ignored.


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