The White House: Declare all anti-wolf organizations as domestic terrorist groups
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The White House: Declare all anti-wolf organizations as domestic terrorist groups

    1. Pete Braun
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      Pete Braun

      Troy, MI

Groups like Lobo Watch, Big Game Forever, Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, etc., are a menace in our midst. Not only do many of them want our native predators like bears, wolves (especially them), wild cats, and the like decimated to the brink of extinction, but some of them have the nerve to harass, threaten, and downright intimidate anyone who dares to oppose them, even the government. Some members of these groups have even threatened government officials. And they've got some powerful people in their corner, too, including the NRA, Safari Club, Cattleman's Association, and other groups in the ranching, hunting, and trapping sectors. They throw their mammoth monetary weight around, and think they can buy their way into power in America and put down anyone who's got a backbone and might provide resistance. It's time to put these groups in their place and strike them down. Time to protect our wolves and other carnivorous wildlife from those who seek to decimate them!

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    • Victoria Colewood LEEDS, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 5 months ago

      There are plenty of anti wolf groups who demonise legal and law abiding pro wolf channels while using violence or intimidation to achieve their goals - traps and guns against free speech and ethical concerns

    • lukas schilling BäRENSTEIN, GERMANY
      • 6 months ago

      the white house is an terrorist group, save the dogs

    • Sonja Ahlberg ROCKPORT, MA
      • 6 months ago

      It's about time somebody said it. That is EXACTLY what they are. They are all terrorists....violent, disturbed angry and EXTREMELY dangerous terrorists.

    • Rhiannon Wilkins DONCASTER, UNITED KINGDOM
      • 6 months ago

      This is right because they are. Wolves should be respected

    • Camryn Lee BRUSH PRAIRIE, WA
      • 7 months ago

      You can not call people who want to protect wolves "terrorists" and then NOT call those who rerroize wolves and people with their guns and wolf hating maia as NOT terrorists. Psychiatric information prooves that anyone who maims and kills animals for simply sport, are more likely to become serial killers. We do not need to encourage more violence in this society, anti-wolf organizations ARE terrorists.


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